Saturday, December 20, 2014

I Know We Are Busy But ...

I think the closer to the end of December, I probably am not going to hit my goal of 31 posts in the month of December.  Sometimes you run out of ideas or energy or whatever.

The last couple of days we've been busy, or it seemed that way although not exactly sure what we did... Let's see

Yesterday we finished up the day at Kelly and Jon's with a nice fajita dinner of chicken grilled on the Big Green Egg.  Then we moved to the cozy back room with a fireplace and ample supply of wood burning away and watched 'The Jersey Boys'.  I thought is was a good movie and we enjoyed it.  Even though it has been out a while it was very interesting and entertaining.

Before that, Pam and I did some running around doing errands and Christmas shopping with stops at Sears, Costco and Home Depot.  Friday afternoon it felt like a few folks had left work early and it was pretty busy with traffic and all.

Prior to that we accomplished a main objective of the day which was to pull in the slides, raise the jacks, unhook and go over to the Automotive Center on base where they sell propane.  It was fairly easy to do and at $3.49 a gallon cost us $74.99 to fill up.

After a few weeks of this cold weather stuff, I think we are adjusting well.  Even though it was brisk outside with a high of 43, we were still fairly comfortable running around.  And inside, I think we have figured out the right mix and use of our electric space heaters along with the gas and electric furnace.

We decided not to use our gas furnace until it gets down around 35 or so outside.  Maybe that will prevent us from burning through the propane so quickly.  Inside, it is a very comfortable 68 ish.  We usually close off the back bathroom door.

In the middle of the morning, I got together with a friend for coffee and we caught up what's been going on with us and our families for the last few months.  Earlier, it was a typical early morning get up time for me and I did some reading and bought a couple of things on Amazon.  That site is very impressive.  And I like the delivery updates they sent via text message through the day.

The day before, we went over to Kelly and Jon's and did a couple loads of wash.  Pam painted some trim while I did some routine maintenance on our bikes.  We also ran around and did some errands after that.  Then we spent the evening at home for dinner and reading and watching some TV.

That's a recap of a couple of 'regular' days for us.  Nothing big and noteworthy here.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. I gave up setting a blogging goal years ago. I hated feeling like a failure all the time - lol. We're only paying $2.69 a gallon here for propane. Isn't it amazing how busy we can be just living. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

  2. I don't know how you two find ANY time to blog, you are always helping others!! Yep, I just hate to sit at that computer when I could be outside doing anything else!!

  3. Sounds like some busy days to me for sure. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Healthy and Happy New Year!