Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In and Out of Red Bay

We were up early yesterday to get the Roadrunner over to Bruce Deaton's for some repair work for a couple of cracks at the top corner of the rear slide outs.
We talked a minute then, drove over for breakfast at Jack's, a regional fast food chain and local hot spot.  After some eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy,
we went over to the Tiffin Service Center and picked up a piece of scrap wood for a project at a later date.  Then we went back over Bruce's and check on the progress.  It was coming along nicely.  They had already fixed the cracks, put in a relief cut and covered them with a strip they were now painting.
It was still before lunch (supper in this part of the country) and we went over to the Tiffin Visitor Center, signed in, picked up some safety glasses and a badge.  Then we toured a couple of new motor homes that had a 'punch list' which included replacing some cracked tile.
Next, we went into the plant, and over to one of the lines and watched things for a while.
It never ceases to fascinate me when I see these motor homes being put together.  We were by the guys putting the bedroom and pluming for the bathroom together.  And we walked past the harness/electrical racks where they were pulling wirings and binding them up for different units.

And we watched one technician work on the whole front dash of a unit.  He said on a good day he can do two units.  On a 'bad' day he hustles and gets four done.
Next we went back over to the Allegro Campground, settled up in the off office and about 11:00 AM we went over to pick up the Roadrunner which was finished.  
I thought $200 for the body work and paint job was very reasonable.  

We drove 10 miles down the road to Vina to see Brannon Hutcheson at Custom RV.  
He was expecting us and right after lunch he looked at the rope lights and switches that working on the Driver Side.  We had them installed in September, but they only worked a few times before they quit.
But Brannon was up to the challenge and made short work of it.  He also worked on our tail lights and the connections and tightened them up.  And we were finished.  

Brannon told us his business was doing well and they average about one electric (residential) refrigerator a week.  He did one earlier in the day.  

He is also expanding and built a new building which will be ready after the first part of the year.
He is quite an impressive entrepreneur.  He is very technical, has a business mind and knows how to pull things together and make it happen.

We wanted to get on our way so we hooked up the car and left, heading east.  We took some back roads instead of all interstate and it was a very pleasant drive to Anniston AL.
Along the way we went through a neat town of Cullman with an old church that looked like something straight out of Germany.
We got into Anniston as the sun was going down, found a Walmart and parked the Roadrunner next to some big rigs.
We spend the night there and had no issues.  We went across the street for dinner at Chick-Fil-A.  Inside, we set up the Winegard satellite and turned on TV to see the Monday night football game and watched the Packers through the first half.
As per the RV protocol, we didn't open our slides or put down our jacks.  We had plenty of room to get around and do what we needed to before he went to bed.

It was a long but productive day.

Thanks for joining us on this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. That was quite a bit of work done in just one day and the price sure was right. Nice to get it behind you so you could roll.

    We often stay at Walmarts when we're traveling, too. I find them to be the most expensive "free" spot in the country... ;c)

  2. Repair job looks just right! So nice to have folks that do a great job of "taking care of business."

    John trys to find a parking spot on the grassy edge of the Walmart lot so we can open slides. Makes it just right and not being intrusive.