Saturday, March 27, 2010

With Friends in Detroit

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Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

We packed for the airport but paused for a moment and said goodbye to fellow NOMADS Mary (on the right)
and Gary (on the right again.)
It was good to meet Mary and Gary and wish them well on their travels.  Hopefully we will meet up with them again.

Saying goodbye on Friday is a regular event.  We usually gather with folks whose time is up and are ready to mover on from the NOMADS project.  Joe and France (in the center of the first picture to the right of Mary) are the leaders who have been here in Galveston since the first of February.  We will wrap up this winter/spring version of the Galveston NOMADS Disaster Relief Revolving Team Project the end of next week.

Then Pam, Kelly and I headed out to Houston Hobby International Airport.  We had a non-routine stop at Starbuck's where Kelly had an Tall Iced Black Cherry Latte.  Pam and I had coffee.  In no time we were at the airport and parked at a facility for long term parking since we will be gone for four days.

It has been a while since we've flown anywhere. The last time was in May when we flew to South Dakota to become residents right before we became RV full-timers.
Airports seemed to have changed a little.  The security lines were short and efficient and a little more friendly.  I noticed the furniture had changed in a few places to accommodate laptops, electrical devices and small children.
We flew directly to Chicago Midway Airport for a changeover.  I hadn't been through there in a while and it was a nice modern airport.  Many have McDonalds (which would make Kit and Jerry happy).
Detroit was another nice airport and we had an uneventful day.  We are staying with our friends Rod and Lisa and Rod was able to pick us up at the airport since he works nearby.
On the way to Rod and Lisa's we picked up dinner.

We tried a new variety:  vegetarian pizza with Pepperoni.  It was very good!
Lisa made some of her famous chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
We chatted some before we went upstairs to their loft and relaxed.  Their loft is a second big 'family room' with a large comfortable sofa and TV and where they have their desktop.
We watched the NCAA tournament with Tennessee and Baylor coming up winners.  We talked more and found some mutual friends on Facebook whom we hadn't seen in years.

Kelly got a big of payback by snapping my photo... She seems to tire of my many photos...  :)
...the plight of a blogger  :)

It was a great day and we are enjoying time with our good friends.  Adam is working and a ways away from us but we will see him after work tomorrow.  Then pick us up for the wedding ceremony in Canada on Sunday.

Hope you are having a great week.  And thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Good Morning... SO glad you guys had a great flight... What an exciting weekend for you all! Heck I am excited for you too! PLEASE send my best wishes to the kids for me... and tell Meghan I pray for her everyday. Take care and travel safe!

  2. What, No White Castle Hamburgers? I am sad, to say the least. I can't go to Detroit without a castle burger or seven. I had hopes you would meet my extended family that calls Allen Park home, but they flew and drove to Orlando Florida to spend time in Disney World this week. You know how it goes, buy a second home in Florida and the whole family comes when you are away. Well I hope it is a fun day at the wedding.