Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday in Houston

While our NOMADS group went to Moody Memorial Church in Galveston, we went to Houston to meet up with Brad & Sue (brother & his wife), their sons (Mark & Drew) and friend Darrick.  We met at First Baptist Church for the 11:00 AM service.
Wow - that is a big church.  They have 21,000 members and about 7,000 attenders.  It is one of the largest auditoriums we have visited.
They had a baptism.  Most of all we liked the message.  The pastor talked about Abraham and Isaac and how, "God will provide".
I took a photo while everyone was getting seated.  And we got a group shot.

Later we went to lunch at Chuy's.  There was one in Tucson but we didn't go there, so I am glad we got a chance to check out.
It was good Mexican food.  The atmosphere is a little different.  This locale must have been a converted garage.  Where else do you see hubcaps on the ceiling?  An pictures of Elvis lining the walls.

How about you -- where did you go for Sunday lunch/brunch?

After lunch we went back to Mark's.  He a and Darrick are rooming together and have done a very nice job of fixing up the place.  Sue wanted a picture of her sons so I took a couple.
While we were at it I had one of the guys take our picture.

After that, we needed to get back to Galveston for our team meeting.  Joe led the meeting and we went around the room for introductions and a little background information.
I love that part of the meeting -- hearing everyone's story.  We have three nurses in our group which is always nice to know...

After the meeting we went back to the Roadrunner and took it easy before we went to bed.

That was our Sunday --  Thanks for viewing.  And thanks for leaving a comment or two and letting us know you are out there.  Hope you have a good week.

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