Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slow Saturday

I woke up with a doozy of a bad back.  I forgot how much strain I put on my lower back when I use the Weed Eater for longer than 30 minutes.  I don't think I've used one since we moved out of our Fairfax home last May.

So I was paying for the three plus hours of weed whacking I did on Friday...Thank goodness for an electric heat pad and a recliner...

I managed to get up a couple of times to go out and say good bye to our fellow NOMADS Tom and Dotty.  They have been here working with us for the last three weeks.  They are making their way back to Kansas City Missouri and will time it right to get there when the weather warms up.

First a picture of Paula taking their picture.
Then a picture of all the ladies on the project here last week.  Paula and Don had already left for their bike ride into town when they posed for this one.
Dale and Elaine had left on Friday and we got three more 'new' couples in the early afternoon.  Introductions will be forth coming.

I watched NCAA games most of the day while Kelly and Pam ran errands in town.  When they returned Kelly went to see friends in Houston and Pam did the laundry here at the Community Island Church RV campground.

We also watched some golf.  Mostly I just changed the settings on my heating pad and spend most of the day semi-horizontal.  Ugh...   Hopefully this thing will get better today so I can be of use tomorrow when we get back on the job site...

That was it for a slow Saturday...nursing a sore back.  (I thought I was immune from these kinds of things because I am the youngest person here among the 18 people on the NOMADS project...but then what do I know??)  :)

Hope your weekend is going well.  Thanks very much for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. Take it easy and give your body plenty of time to heal. I have been laid up all weekend with a Achilles tendinitis in my right leg. I am determined to get back in shape before I retire. But I know life is real and I will hike those trails I have marked from the Bay fields around Tuscon.
    We have family friends in Houston also. She is a Zen teacher and runs the Electric company there. They run in different circles, but were so humble and nice when they came to Alaska and spent a week in our house. Friends are a great thing in life.
    Get back to work soon.

  2. Well, Randy, if you are going to hurt you're back, a March Madness weekend is as good a time as any. Hope you're feeling much better today!