Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fire truck, beach, cookout

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Galveston and the surrounding area.  I think it almost reached 70 degrees.  

I noticed some heavy heavy smoke coming from the lot next to us where some guys were burning brush.  Yikes!
 How do they keep that from climbing up the telephone pole and/or coming over into our area?

As I was standing there marveling at the approach some people take to clearing their property, the fire truck came roaring around the corner!
They pulled up, jumped out and quickly threw a long stream of water onto the brush fire.  That was right after they declared, "There is no open burning allowed in Galveston!".  That was enough excitement to last a while...

About mid-morning we said good bye to Donald and Lillian who have been on the NOMADS project for a couple weeks.  
They are from North Dakota and have been on lots of NOMADS projects.  We talked a bit and took their picture before they left.

Then Pam and I packed a lunch for a picnic and headed east on Galveston Island.  We got just past Jamaica Beach and decided we should pick a spot to set up and have lunch.  We found a beach access point and set up chairs and just watched the waves, the birds and the fishing for a while.
And we saw guys down the way put a big fish back in the water.
Guess he was the wrong kind... And he sure was BIG
After lunch we drove about 20 more miles and had to make a pit stop so to speak.  There weren't any McDonalds on the island but there was a bait shop.

So we stopped there.  Interesting place.  The Men's Restroom was out of order so I used the Women's.  I couldn't resist.
Is that a beach toilet seat or what?  

The bait shop also had some Blue Bell Ice Cream and an interesting sign...
So I bought some for Pam and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

We drove a while longer down the island a little longer and then turned around and headed back to our campsite.  Along the way we saw a couple geodesic dome - style beach houses.  
That caught my interest because my brother Marty build a geodesic dome style cabin in the mountains years ago.

Back in the campground we awaited the arrival of more NOMADS.
Jerry & Kit arrived, then Paula & Don.  Wayne & Lois were not far behind but I forgot to snap a picture :( .

We had a cookout for the highlight of the evening.  It was a bit windy but not too bad.  The food was excellent as always.
The fellowship was great too.
It was typical RV 'campfire' talk -- stories, jokes....etc

Then before we knew it the sun went down.
And we called it a day.  It was a fun Saturday to be a NOMAD.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.  And thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Great blog Randy and pics too! That was a pretty big fish, I wonder what the problem was? I'm guessing those geodesic domes might do better in a hurricane? Galveston looks like a great area to visit, hopefully we'll get down there one day.

  2. Good Morning dear friends... What a great post today! I really enjoyed looking around in Galveston beach. Some really great pictures. Loved the big fish, the Shoplifting sign and the sunsets... Oh heck they were all really great! Have fun with your NOMADS and travel safe!