Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mostly NOMADS Trash Day

Yesterday was another slow day for us on the job site at our NOMADS project house.  We had the usual devotions, singing and prayer at our daily meeting, then went over to our assignment.  The electrical inspector had not been there yet so we were left with a few odds and ends to do.

We split up into two groups.  Norm and Pat stayed upstairs and worked on putting some green sheet rock in the upstairs bathroom.  The rest of us put up a three sheets in the downstairs bathroom temporarily.

Around break time at 10:00
Alan showed up with a 16' trailer which we loaded up with debris from our last three weeks.
When we were done, it was almost full.  And the side of the house had no more rubble.  It looked pretty nice.

We worked some more upstairs and before we knew it, it was time for lunch.
We ate outside in front of the house since it was such a nice day.

After lunch we went back upstairs and worked a little bit on some odds and ends.  Shortly after 2:00 PM Waylon showed up with a new air conditioner.

He is quite an interesting guy.  He has been working Disaster Relief things here since shortly after Hurricane Ike.
He and his boss have worked on 300 homes since that time and have been working this particular house for over a year.  Waylon shared a bit of his story and how he has been getting things right with God over the last few months.  He has found his niche here in Galveston with the air conditioning business and is making quite a difference.

We are a little concerned about our progress the last few days.  Can you imagine people in and out of your house for over a year?  We are working as fast as we can but we are dependent on the electricity getting checked out.  Once that is OK we can kick it into gear and put up the rest of the sheet rock and make some real progress.

Right now, we may not be able to finish before the project gets closed down the first week in April -- another 10 days.  We will see.  We hate to leave it this way.  Not sure what happens to the two remaining houses if they are not finished.  Maybe the committee who oversees the repair work will contract the rest of the work out.

It was another beautiful day in Galveston.  Can't have too many of those.  And my back is getting better, so I'm grateful for that.  I used some ice/cold and heat treatment all day along with a back wrap brace thing and my back did good.

We are getting excited about the weekend.  We fly out of Houston on Friday for Detroit and will see Adam and Meghan this weekend.  Kelly is going to go with us so that will be fun.

We also called the Tiffin factory at Red Bay to make sure they had us on the calendar for the week of April 5.  We are getting new pull-down shades and most of our dual paned windows replaced.  They confirmed the parts are on order and we should be ready to go when we get there.

Hope your weekend is going well.  Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. Well, I guess you're back must be feeling a bit better if you're working with sheetrock - that is tough stuff to haul around. All the best to Meghan and Adam this weekend and I hope you're going to take lots of pictures!

  2. I am with Rick... Hope you take a lot of pictures of the ceremony. Don't hurt your back again doing all that hauling!!! Thanks for coming by I really appreciate it... Have a fabulous day and travel safe!

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