Friday, March 26, 2010

From Hanging Doors to a Talent Show

It was my turn to lead devotions and I took focused on a portion of scripture out of Nehemiah.  One of the themes of that book is how Nehemiah planned, prepared and executing the rebuilding of the walls in Jerusalem.  The point of the devotion was to see how and how much Nehemiah prayed to Almighty God which has direct application to our NOMADS house rebuilding projects.

We had a rain storm Wednesday night that left the campground a little soggy.
But it cleared up and it was another beautiful day

I have mixed emotions about Thursdays.  With our NOMADS team, it is the last day of the work week.  It is also the time we say goodbye to some couples.  Russ and Nancy are leaving Friday but not before Joe, our project lead, presented Russ with a picture of his plumbing.
The plumbing requirements on some houses here in Galveston have been interesting.  Russ had one of those that probably unlike any other he will have to deal with anytime soon.

We had the same team back at Johnnie's House.
Joe helped us hang our first door to the laundry room.
It opens and closes beautifully.  I love learning how to do new things like this.

Jerry and Kit and I were then able to hang a closet door in the back bedroom.
Now all we have to do is put up trim and replace the baseboard and those two projects will be done.

Pam finished installing the drywall in the front aquarium closet.
That was a beast--hard to get to and a few non-standard cuts to fit into the space.

Pat cleaned out old drywall and prepared a space in the kitchen under the counter where the dishwasher was.
Outside, Norm was building a screen for the non-standard window.
He even built a cross piece for support.  Those rivet guns come in handy.

After we finished for the day, we got cleaned up and went over to Moody Memorial United Methodist Church.  They were have their first annual fund raiser for their after-school program.  They had a silent auction,a loaded bake potato dinner and a talent show to raise money.

We had the whole NOMADS group there at three tables.
Our own fellow NOMADS Carol Stoner did a comedy routine with a take off on Minnie Pearl.
It was all well done and successful event.

Kelly went to Houston to leave her dog Ed with cousin Mark and had an interview.  She thought it went well so we will see how it goes in a couple of weeks.  A move from Dallas to Houston could be in the works.

She is spending the night with us in Galveston, then the three of us will drive back to Houston and hop on a plane to fly to Detroit.  Adam and Meghan are getting married on Sunday in nearby Petrolia, Canada, right across the border.  We are excited for them!

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning our blog yesterday. That was very kind of you!
    We have enjoyed reading about all your NOMAD projects. My husband Walker has been in the construcion business for 30 yrs. This type of lifestyle was an eye-opener for him on what we could do way down the road. Praise God for families like ya'll. As one preacher said "You might retire from work..but as a Christian..we don't get to retire and should spend all retired moments doing God's work" It seems to be that is what ya'll are doing!!

    Blessings from Seguin Tx..Cindy and Walker

  2. Sounds like a full and great day.. A talent contest, what fun that must of been...Have a great day and travel safe

  3. Looks like another great day of accomplishments mixed in at the end with a lot of fun. Have a safe trip up to Canada, eh?

  4. Hi Randy & Pam! Why don't ya come up and see us in Michigan sometime? Oh, you're here! Yay!!!