Saturday, March 20, 2010

Next Sunday - Adam and Meghan's Civic Ceremony

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Kit and Jerry!  
They are the newest Followers to the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Thanks for signing up and bringing us closer to our goal of 100...

We work Monday through Thursday with the NOMADS and then have three days off.  It is a good schedule and feels like there is enough time to get things done around the 'house' and still make progress on the Disaster Relief house projects here in Galveston.

Yesterday morning we started things off with a group gathering at the Sunflower Cafe again.  We ate there last week too.  It is a great place to have breakfast on Friday morning and have some extra fellowship.

While we were there Adam called from Detroit and set up another four-way family phone conference on his iPhone.  Kelly was driving from Dallas to Galveston and also on the call.

Adam announced that he and Meghan are getting married in a civil ceremony on Sunday!  ---Like eight days from now next Sunday!

That will be followed by a more traditional wedding in July.

When Kelly arrived in the late afternoon we did some searching for airline tickets and got all set up.  We fly into Detroit on Friday.
After a leisurely breakfast, we went back to the coach and I changed clothes to do some weed eating.  Pam washed the car, then went over and gave the horses some carrots.  They are the friendly sort and like the attention (and treats).
Then I got to weed whacking.  This weeds are high.
 The equipment worked fine.   Last year, when I would do yard work back home, it seemed as if my weed eater was always breaking.  But not this one.  The cord was on the thin side and it took quite a few swipes to cut through TALL overgrowth.

It was slow and I think a machete might have worked better.  It was three plus hours of slow progress  ...maybe need a bush hog or something like that.  I used what we could get our hands on.  But at least the narrow entrance into the church RV campground is a little more visible.
Late in the afternoon, Kelly drove up.  It is so good to see our kids again!  We love every chance we get.   I cooked some chicken on the grill and we watched some NCAA basketball before we called it a night.

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  1. Wow what a surprise that must have been for you but how wonderful that you guys & Kelly wll be able to get there for the ceremony... I wish Adam & Meghan all the luck in the world. They sure do deserve it! Have a safe trip...

  2. Well, this is really big news. Congratulations to Adam and Meghan (as well as you all). We are so happy for them. We continue to keep her (and the rest of the family) in our prayers. She is quite a girl.
    You all have a safe trip to Detroit on Friday.

    Mike and Gerri (

  3. Thanks for sharing your life with the NOMADS, its been really great for us to learn more about this organization and the work being accomplished.

  4. That's great news about Adam and Meghan, congratulations to all! We wish them both all the best!