Saturday, March 6, 2010

Floresville to Galveston

First-- I want to welcome and say 'hi' to our latest follower:
Thanks for joining us and we really appreciate the nice note you sent!

We had a great time in Floresville seeing Linda and her family.  One of her two daughters (Sally) and her son (George) and their families and kids all came by her farm while we were parked there.
She has a very nice piece of property on 90 some acres so there was plenty of room.

We took one day to go to Randolph AFB and get a military dependent's ID cared for Linda.

The Veteran's Affairs (VA) send her a letter after Joe died that indicated she qualifies for a card.  She had never done it so we spent Thursday morning doing that.

It took a little longer than we expected, so we had a late lunch.  We decided on a fairly big lunch and then didn't have much for dinner.  We went back downtown Floresville to Jalisco.
After our late lunch we went over to the city cemetery and saw where her mom and dads ashes are buried along with her late husband Joe.
 Linda's mom and dad (George and Dorothy) were like grand parents to our kids.  George and Dorothy came to see us when we lived in Germany and again when we lived in Hawaii in the 1980's and made a big impression on our kids.  We have wonderful memories of those nice folks.

George (Linda's son) and his wife Kim and their three kids came over in the evening and we got a chance to meet them.  That was nice of them to come by.  On Friday morning, we went to see Joe's sister who lives in town and spend a few minutes with her.  Linda has a very nice family and it was good to meet them.

The we got some diesel fuel as we headed out of town and got on the road.  We were going to stay near Wimberly Texas but the campground we were looking at has some serious bad reviews.  We decided to  call our friends Joe and Francis (NOMADS Disaster Relief leaders) and let them know we were going to be nearby and told us they thought we were going to be in Galveston that night and had a spot reserved for us.  We decided to change our plans and drive all the way to Galveston on Friday.

We arrived about 5:30 and met some of the people in the 14 rigs already there.  They came out to meet and welcome us and we got a great spot on a concrete pad with full hookups.

Pam started cooking dinner when Joe and Francis drove up.  Before we knew it they joined us for dinner and we spent  a couple of hours having some great fellowship.

We are really glad to be here and will be starting our stint with the Disaster Relief project on Monday morning.  The weekly schedule runs Mon-Thurs.   The weather is a bit windy and it is supposed to be warm and nice.  We are looking forward to it.

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  1. Hi Randy,

    In general, what will you be doing this time around with NOMADs? I look forward to seeing how your time there progresses. As I have mentioned before, Ellen and I are considering NOMADs at some future date. Take care and good luck.

  2. We have a number of houses that we will be working one. One needs ceiling repairs. We will find out more at our Sunday evening team meeting. Some of the couples have been here for weeks. 3 couples left after 3-4 weeks here. We will be joining two more couples along with the four couples already here.

  3. Wow what a busy day you had... Thanks for coming by to visit and leaving a comment... It means a lot to me! Have a great day & travel safe!