Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meet the NOMADS

First-- a Meghan Update:

We spoke with her in Petrolia, Canada (her home) on Friday and she sounded good -- a little tired but her same upbeat self.  She had a week off from chemo and was enjoying that.  Yesterday Adam was saying that she had a wisdom tooth issue and talked with the doctor on Monday and she was going to take some antibiotics for that and delay the second round of chemo another week.  So please keep praying and sending encouraging words to her on FB or her blog.

Back here in Galveston, I wanted to introduce you to our fellow NOMADS.  You may be wondering what they look like and who they are so here goes:

Dotty and Tom:
They are from Kansas City, Missouri and have been NOMADS for  a year and a half.  We were here with Dotty & Tom in October but never worked on the same house with them until now.  We are working on the same house now with them and it is nice to get to know them.

Jerry and Kit:
They are retired school teachers and call Bracketville, TX their home.  They live in the same RV community and are friends with Joe & Frances.  This is their first NOMADS project and we are working on the same crew with them on the same house.  Kit posted a bit about yesterday's work on their blog

Russ and Nancy:
They have been doing NOMADS work for five years.  They are full-time RVers and are residents of Florida.

Dale and Elaine:
This is their first NOMADS project and they are from Ottumwa Iowa where he was a healthcare administrator.  We worked together with them on our first house last week before we got reassigned to our current house project.

Paula and Don:
They are from Midland, Michigan.  This is there first project.  He is a retired chemist and she is a retired nurse.    We haven't checked but they may be the youngest on the team.  They look like they are, plus they go for bike rides after we quit for the day and have way more energy than the rest of us...

Wayne and Lois:
He is a retired Methodist pastor and they have been doing NOMADS since....  They are from Michigan and had to return home yesterday suddenly when they learned of the death of Lois' sister who had been ill.  Our hearts and prayers go out to them and their families.

Joe and Frances:
They are from North Carolina but call Bracketville, TX home where they have property in an RV park.  They are our project leaders and have been here since the end of February.  We met Joe & Frances on our first NOMADS project last July in Pontiac, Illinois.  We also worked here with them last October.  We knew they were leading here now and wanted to be a part of their team.

Carol and Howard:
They have been NOMADS since 1999 and are from Texarkansas, Arkansas.  Carol is a retired medical technician and currently serving on the NOMADS advisory board.

Yours truly: (oops I forgot to have someone take our picture, so here is a recent one...)
We joined NOMADS in January last year but didn't start full-timing until May 2009.  Our first project with NOMADS was in July.  We also were here in Galveston on another Disaster Relief project in November 2009.

So that is a look at our group--we have a great team and everyone gets along well.  We have a few times during the week we all get together for a meal.  Many go to church together and it is fun to get to know each other.  Everyone has a story.

Speaking of which---what are you (our readers) doing for spring break?  It would be nice to hear about it.

Also, Pam wanted me to mention someone on the team here was a clown in the circus--guess which one??

Thanks for your comments now and then--nice to know you are out there...  And we appreciate your emails.   Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today!


  1. Thanks for the introductions, great to have a face with the names. That's great working you're doing.

  2. First, great to hear that Meghan is in good spirits, we are always thinking of her.

    Thanks for posting the pics of all the Nomads, you are all doing some very special work.

    I vote for you, Randy, as the former circus clown!!

  3. I am so happy to hear that Megan is doing well... If she needs someone to talk with she is welcomed to contact me anytime... Also how nice to meet all your fellow NOMADS... They are indeed a great group of people! We are on break pretty much all year but right now we are in Cottondale, AZ. Sure did see a lot of young folks up at THE Grand Canyon though! Have a blessed day & travel safe...

  4. aline and emmanuelApril 7, 2010 at 11:05 AM

    Bonjour and Thank you for keeping us connected to your adventures ! Great memories from you an the Nomad team in Galveston. We are working on the film now. Missing you all. Happy trails, and bons baisers de France Aline & Emmanuel