Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Work On a NOMADS house

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Yesterday I expected to hear more from our son Adam but we didn't-- so we will just let you in on some of the good news we heard.  He and Meghan (who is Canadian) went to see friends in Ontario.  So the good news is:  THEY GOT ENGAGED!!

Needless to say we are excited and happy for them!  They have been together for about two years.  As you may know, she is fighting cancer and in the middle of her second major bout.  However -- no one knows how things will turn out and we are praying hard!  
In the mean time they are determined to live each day and make the most of it and we are excited for them.  I will offer more details as they become available...  :)  I expect to hear from Adam today.  We will keep you posted.
We greatly appreciate your prayers for Meghan and her family and for Adam & Meghan!  For more on them, check their blogs:  Adam  Meghan

Yesterday was more fun volunteering.  We spent Day Two at the Disaster Recovery project house we are assigned to in Galveston as part of the NOMADS.
We finished up on most of the trim work yesterday and it seemed like everyone had a paint brush in their hand at one time or another.
Donald and Daniel continued installing ceiling tiles.
And autographed their work~ sort of
Break times and lunch time are always the best.  You get to know the folks a little more and hear stories...
After lunch Joe and Dale and I went over to Crockett Church where they have a lumber yard, supplies and a storage area.
We needed to get some wood for another project.  Some boards needed to be trimmed to fit into Joe's truck.  
Then Dale and I went to work on replacing the stairs to the outside entrance of the laundry room.  This will be a good little project.  It takes some figuring out and we get to bang some nails which is always fun...

That was about it for our NOMADs day.  We knocked off a little after 4:00PM and went back to our campground at the Community Island Church.  It was a BEAUTIFUL evening outside.  I gave my self a haircut and showered before dinner.  Then I did some online work [for pay :) ] watched some TV and we hit the rack.

It was another great day.  Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Congrats to Adam & Meghan... As a cancer survivor I will be praying extra hard for that sweet child... God Bless you all!!! Have a great day & travel safe.

  2. Congratulations!! We are so very happy for Adam and Meghan. We continue to lift her and the family up in prayer. Keep us updated on the big event.

    Mike and Gerri

  3. Congratulations, Randy and Pam. I somehow missed this post yesterday, but was very happy to see the news that Adam and Meghan are engaged. We will continue to follow their story and pray that Meghan is able to fight back and return to good health - they both deserve it!