Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Leaks Disguised...

We thought one of our water hoses burst last night about 12:36..Not good...

Before I get to that, I thought you'd like to see a couple of typical campsites where we stayed the last two nights.
This is at Eagle's Nest RV Park in Van Horn Texas.  The staff was very friendly and had a lot of great tourist brochures about the local history of the area.  The Butterfield Trail and the Santa Fe & South Pacific Railroads had a significant impact in the historical and economic development of the region.

As you can see the sites are fairly wide, have a concrete pad and full hookups.  We'd stay there again.

And in Kerrville, Texas, we stayed at Lake Buckhorn Resort.  It is a beautiful place with a friendly staff and a lot of amenities.
It has concrete pads, fairly wide sites and it is a beautiful layout.  And it has a putting green, swimming pool, hot tub, big Red Barn for conferences, seminars and rallys.  It has not lost any of its novelty on us.  We love the place.

Meghan update:
Meghan is halfway through her first round of three chemo sessions and it working through it.  There are two ways you can support her:
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If you are praying people and know of those that pray please include her and her family and Adam.

About the leak:  Pam woke me up from a dead sleep last night. I looked at the clock:  it said 12:36 AM.  I wasn't sure who I was or where I was...  (you know the feeling...) She said, "Quick, I think we have a water hose leak--go outside and turn off the water".   Yikes!  I was in slooow motion now (and a bit of a fog so to speak)...wandering around collecting my thoughts, "What? Another blue job (vs her pink jobs) at this hour?!"...But I put on some pants and a sweat shirt and 'bolted' out the door, went around the side of the coach...and--- found that the water sprinklers for the grass were going full blast!  That was a welcome sight--who knew the campground has the water sprinkler set for the middle of the night?
I was able to leave things alone, get back into bed, give a full report of my findings, and drift off to sleep :)

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  1. Happened to us many times, each time it takes a few moments to get our senses about us and realize it is the sprinkler system.

    Most campgrounds set the watering for the wee hours in the morning, which is worse because then it's usually harder to fall back asleep.

    One campground had a rule not to overhang onto the grass, didn't know why until the watering began...what a rude awakening!

  2. That 'old sprinkler trick' has got me a few times too. Trouble is, you can't ignore it because the one time you do, guess what? Good to see Pam has all the job responsibilities lined up correctly - especially the middle of the night ones!

  3. Gotta love those sprinklers. We stayed at one park that they came on at 10am and had one right at our front door, we couldn't get out of the rig for 45 mins waiting for it to shut why in the world were they running for 45 mins.

  4. Oh what a relief it was only the sprinklers and not a catastrophe of a broken line somewhere in the rig.