Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday in Houston Again

We really like the First Baptist Church in Houston.
The message is clear and relevant, the worship is good.
And my nephew goes there.  Since Kelly is in town, we went back to see cousin Mark.

Kelly's friend from Baylor, Megan, also joined us.  After church we went out to lunch at Mama's Cafe.  I got to meet Megan's boyfriend Mark, who sat across from me at the table.  He is a good guy and easy to talk to.
After lunch, we went by Megan's place to meet her new pup - Buckley.  He is not quite house broken yet but a good little pooch.  Plus he is not a yapper which is nice.

Pam did all the driving while I took it easy and let me back get better.  I am still walking gingerly but it is making progress. I am hopeful I'll be back to 90% is another day.  I'd say I am about 50% - 60% now.

We had an early team meeting yesterday so we could have a potluck of sorts.  Carol made enough gumbo for everyone and we enjoyed some fellowship before our weekly orientation meeting.  We met three new couples and everyone heard each others stories:  where they were from, what they did in their former life, how long they have been NOMADS and "anything else you want to tell us" which usually means kids and family.  I really like that part.

After that, Kelly and Pam went to the store for a few things and I put the heating pad on my back.  I watched the healthcare vote which is pretty depressing.  How are we really going to pay for all this?? It is pretty scary to me but all we can do is see how it works out.

Speaking of work - we are ready for another good NOMADS week.  Hope yours goes that way too and thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles.

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  1. Sorry your back is still giving you greif... Hope it gets better very soon. have a great week & travel safe!