Friday, March 19, 2010

End of our 2nd NOMAD Week in Galveston

It has been busy the last couple of days with our NOMADS work involved with Disaster Relief in the Galveston Area.  We have 16 people divided into three teams working on three house projects.

On Wednesday, Joe (overall project leader) came over to our project house and gave a short class on how to properly apply joint compound (mud) to cover up the seams and corners of the wall board (sheet rock).
That was useful and we learned a lot of tips and techniques that will help us make our work look more professional.
One challenge at our house was building a decent looking arch in the door passage from the dining room/family room to the kitchen.  The one that was there came to a point instead of a curve at the top so we  took that down and build a new frame, then applied a 3 3/4 inch section of sheetrock.  We used adhesive and clamps to secure it in place.
At mid morning, we had done all we could until the house passed the electrical inspection.  One wall in each room has to be exposed (left open and uncovered) so the inspectors can see the electrical wiring.  We moved our 6 person crew over to the house we worked on last week.

The main tasks out side were to re-brick and cement the porch column and rebuild the stairs.  The bricks were a bit tricky.   We had to build a frame and mold, re-cement the bricks securely and then cover the top with mortar.  We'll see how that comes out after it dries.
The steps on the front porch were a complete re-do.  Much like the back steps we did last week, they had to be all torn down and rebuilt with new stringers and boards.  Tom and Joe did a great job and the front of the  house looks great.

The inside of the house where they did a lot of painting, ceiling tile and trim work--
As we were cleaning up the debris pile and finishing up for the day, we posed for a group picture with the owner.
Next we headed over to Salsa's Restaurant on Seawall Boulevard.
The couples that are getting ready to leave get to pick the place where we go out to eat.  Tom and Dotty and Dale and Elaine are leaving us this weekend after being here three weeks.

The weather has been great the last couple of days.  After we ate, Pam and I went for a walk on the beach.  We saw a few sand castles.

Did you know what NOMADS stands for:
- Nomads on Mission, Active in Divine Service
- Nutty Old Methodists Actually Doing Something  :)
- Nice Old Methodist Avoiding Deep Snow :)

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles.  We appreciate all of you and especially those that have signed up to "Follow" our travels.  We welcome you and look forward to the next 11 (to reach our goal of 100)...

Hope you are having a good week.


  1. Good morning Randy & Pam... Great work on the house it looks fabulous. I think you guys are really great for what you do. I applaud you and your NOMAD group! Have a wonderful deserve it!
    Travel Safe

  2. Great Job Randy & Pam, I applaud you for your care in your fellow man. If you saw my blog I just returned from a week in the mountains of Kentucky where I took a bus load of college students from Olathe Kansas Methodist University, they spent the week rehabbing a home for the local church, this area of Kentucky is very poor and rural and these young men& woman gave up spring break to do this,What a gift to God. Sam & Donna.