Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slow Start but Big Finish

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We had regular devotions and singing and prayer with our NOMADS group this morning, then headed out to our project houses.  Only our house was at a 'stop work' of sorts.  We are waiting on the house to get inspected while the other NOMADS house had more than enough workers.

So we decided to run by McDonalds for some coffee.

While we were there, we got a call from Joe to meet him at the other NOMADS house.
We drove over to the house and took a look at the work they were doing.  They are making great progress and hopefully will have it completed by the end of next week.

Also we met another team there that was painting the outside of the house and working downstairs. They are on Spring Break from Boulder Colorado and their group's name is:  BUMMP - Boulder United Methodist Mission Partners.  It is a partnership of United Methodist Churches in the Boulder area that was formed in 1976.  They have a long history of traveling to areas of the world where they can help.

The Galveston Area draws volunteers from all over the country.

Our team drove over to our 'new' project house.  We have a few doors to install, some electrical work, a window to repair and a few other things.
It was good to get engaged and put in some good work again.  Sometimes the most tiring days are the slow ones where you don't fell like you are making a good contribution.  So we were glad to get going again and we had a good work day.

After work we joined Carol and Howard who invited folks to Leon's for dinner.  It is a local 'mom and pop' type of place.
Most had other plans but Pam and I joined them and had brisket.  It was pretty good.

Later we made some phone calls and talked with Adam and Kelly and with friends in Detroit.

Meghan Update:  She had an unscheduled visit to ER yesterday and to the doctor to get some relief on a pain that turned out to be a gall bladder infection.  Thanks for continuing to pray for her and her family.  Your vigilance is welcome.  Check her blog for the latest.  And signup 'For the Love of Meghan' on Facebook.

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  1. Hi Randy & Pam... What wonderful work you guys have done with those homes...They look great and great friends you have made along the way... Who coould ask for more! I think of Megan everyday and pray for her health... Have a wonderful day my friends...
    Travel Safe