Monday, November 15, 2010

Where Were You?

First I want to mention our newest followers:

Thanks for joining us and Welcome aboard! (If their name is underlined, I have linked it to their blog.  Check it out!)

I was reading blogs yesterday and saw one with a map on it and it showed where they had traveled this past year.  (Note to self ~ that could be the subject of a blog one of these days if I figure out how to add more than 15 points on a map...)

It got me to thinking as I reviewed some of the wonderful places we have been in the past year:  Tennesse; Fort Worth; Oklahama City; Pontiac, Illinois; Crosswell, Michigan; Canada; Mackinac Island; Sault St Marie; Green Bay, Wisconsin; Forest City, Iowa; Rapid City, South Dakota; Santa Fe; Albuquerque; Mercedes, Texas; Quartzsite, Arizona; Tucson; Arizona; San Diego, California;..... and a lot of places in between.

In fact ~ one year ago we were in Livingston, Texas, home of Escapees.  We were there to attend the Bootcamp.  (you can check out my post by clicking on 'Bootcamp'.
We figured we had a lot to learn (still do) and we wanted to check it out.  We are Escapees members and we also wanted to see the campground and facility.  We learned a lot and are glad we attended.

How many of you have been to an RV 'bootcamp' or an RV seminar?
How about you?  Where were you 365 days ago?

In addition to that, we celebrated our precious daughter's birthday.  She wasn't with us, but we celebrated it anyway.  This year we get to do it in person!
This was from a few years ago....

That's it for the Roadrunner Chronicles this morning ~ hope you have a great week!  And THANKS for stopping by and viewing the blog!  We appreciate it!


  1. One year ago we were still in NJ. I had been retired one month and had become quite lazy real fast.

    Leonard was still working but looking forward to Jan 3, his last work day.

    Since then? We, too, went to Livingston first. Then Louisiana, Texas hill country, up to SD to get our drivers licenses, back to NJ, Va, Tn, NC and now wrapping up a three week NOMADS project in GA. Then off to Alabama to Len's son and family for Thanksgiving.

  2. we were and still are in Coquitlam!..working and trying to stay focused!..hope you daughter had a great day!!

  3. If we would have known then what we know now we would have said hello with each other.

    One year ago we also were at the same boot camp. We crossed paths and didn't even know it.

  4. Happy Birthday to Kelly, hope she had a great day! Great idea about the picture of Kelly, too!

    One year ago today, we were here at home probably thinking about, and making plans for, our trip south in late December!

  5. Happy Birthday Kelly! Sure hope you had a great day!

    Randy I have a question for do you link back to previous posts? I know how to link to blog pages for others but not sure how to link to my own blog posts. Any help would be appreciated.

    Have a great day with your sweetie!

  6. I think one year ago we were in Texarkana, TX...not sure..the mind is the second thing to go...

  7. I was at home. I'm always at home! My husband is an OVR truck driver so when he's home we stay home!
    But we do have plans to travel one day when the last child is out of the house. You've been to so many places in one year! Love Di ♥

  8. Randy and Pam, Thanks for stopping by A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings. You guys have covered some territory in the past year. I would like to travel more. I like experiencing Central Coast California but I'd love to see more of the country too.