Monday, November 8, 2010

Roadrunner Reflections: Blogging Buddies

I was thinking about how often I thank my new followers.  What I really should be doing is thanking all of you regular readers.  I have no way of identifying many of you ~ if you don't leave a comment or decide to Follow, I can only see that you were one of many that were here.  And there is quite a few of you that take the time to stop by and read what I have to say or to see some photos and I want to say:


This blogging thing would not be nearly as much fun if I knew that no one read it.  But I can see that hundreds and hundreds of you folks stopped by last week.  And I appreciate it.

Earlier this morning, I stopped by some other folks blogs and see that:

Al and Kelly found a nice place to stay at HWH.  I assume they are going to get some work done or some questions answered concerning their jacks.

Rick and Paulette are still in Cowichan Bay and Rick is getting ready to take his 5er exam.  He recently had a great blog on 'Creating a Blog'.  

Donna (Froggi) and Stu are an interesting couple and I like catching up with them.  They found some snow on the ground in Tennessee over the weekend.  Yikes!

Rod and Loyce are in Kansas City.  He's recovering from some serious surgery.

Dennis and Donna are enjoying Mississippi.

Sue is out on the Northern California coast.

Chuck and Anneke are finishing up their three day stay in Crossville, TN.

Mary and Tom are working through the medical care process (which we can relate to!)

Sam and Donna have some great train pictures from Missouri.

John and Ellen have been staying in the Great Smokey Mountains for the last few days.

There are quite a few more I read ~ but you get the idea:  I appreciate reading other people's blogs and I appreciate it when they (like you) leave comments.

In some cases, those comments lead to an introduction and a face to face meeting which takes friendship to a different level.  Its a real privilege to meet new people and to get to know Blogging Buddies.

Thanks for stopping by today and reading the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Hope you have a terrific week!


  1. Awww, thanks for the link. Hoping we can meet up one day.

    I've only recently started using the "follow" function on blogs. It is a nice way to "introduce" yourself to the blog owner. Not everyone puts it on their blog though...LOL!

  2. hey,what about Bigdawg and Freeway..just kidding of course..we are just sitting in one spot trying to make life interesting but soon it will be our turn..if you call soon..40 months and 22 days!!
    thanks for writing RoadRunner Chronicles..yours was one of the first that I started to follow and I have been reading in the background for a while now!..only feeling the need to comment once in a while...keep blogging we are all still here..and as for me I, too love the makes me feel like there is actually someone out there in blogland and I am not talking to myself!!
    So I just want to say..YOUR WElCOME!!!

  3. It is more fun when you know at least some of people who are reading your blog.

    Thanks for the mention.

    I have not been that good at acknowledging those who sign up to follow. Definitely need to work on that.

  4. You know, Randy, I just assumed I was writing in a vacuum since I started writing about our travels back in 2007. I would send the kids and my friends to my site now and then, but it was my journal. I am amazed at the depth and richness that has been added by sharing and reading. AND THANK YOU to you as well, you have sent many new readers my way!

  5. Thanks for the mention Randy! Great idea for a blog!

  6. Randy thanks for linking up our Blogs! Yours is far more interesting as you travel all the time and take great pictures. Or you are volunteering to help folks that really need it.
    We enjoy staying up with all that is happening in you guys world! So Thank You!

  7. What a really great idea ....I fall sadly short when it comes to thanking people who are nuts enough to follow..and I know it sometimes take LOTS of time to comment!..You have a great blog, and following it is a joy.

  8. Thank you Randy. Ellie and I find that we end up caring about many of the bloggers we follow. We know that we will likely never meet most of them thou, perhaps we will cross paths with a few of them, but no matter, its more about feeling that we belong to a family.

  9. I don't leave a comment very often because I feel I have so little to add. But I do read a lot of blogs every day.

  10. There is a program that is called Statcounter that can tell you who has visited your site and from where. You probably already know about it though!!

  11. We really enjoy reading your blog. You have inspired us in so many ways. Thanks so much!