Monday, November 1, 2010

Meghan and Adam

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It's been a while since I really posted much about the other half of the ForTheLoveOfMeghan story:  Adam.
Adam and Meghan were together for almost three years before breast cancer took her April 27, 2010.

A lot has happened in the six months since Meghan has been gone.  But their story started about 18 months before that,  when they met in Korea.  Then I guess it was about a year after they met that Meghan was first diagnosed with breast cancer (October 2008).  Adam was with her at the doctor's office in Seoul.  The initial biopsy came back positive and she decided to leave Korea for treatment back home.  It was later confirmed after she had another biopsy in Canada.

Meanwhile, Adam came back to live with us in Fairfax, VA.  He worked downtown in Washington DC at various jobs including Sticky Fingers (a vegetarian bakery/coffee shop) and as a bicycle mechanic.  He would work several days straight in order to save up a few days, then fly to Detroit (about two hours from Petrolia, Canada) so he could spend four or five days with Meghan.  He would stay with Meghan and her family and go with Meghan to doctors appointments.

She had surgery in November, 2008 and started chemotheraphy shortly after that.  Adam was there for surgery and during some of the chemo.   After traveling back and forth from Wash DC to Canada a few times, he packed up all he had (July 2009) and moved to a small town near the Canadian border to be with Meghan.

He found a job in the local high school in Port Huron, MI running an after school program.  That allowed him to eek out a living while being within 90 minutes of Meghan.  She finished up treatment in the summer of 2009 and they spent a lot of time together at her parent's home and at the Bradley cottage in Tobermory Canada, which was her favorite place on earth.

Then in January 2010 the devastating news came that Meghan's cancer had returned and spread, metastasizing to her brain.  But he knew he wanted to marry her and we all pretty much were praying for a miracle...they happen all the time.  Why not for her?  But it was not to be.  They married on March 28, 2010 and she died less than a month later.

So what has Adam been doing?  How has he handled it all?  Where is he now?  

Adam has been busy at times.  Wholly alone at other times.

Since that day in April, he has 
  • taken the train across Canada, 
  • attended a Toronto Blue Jays professional baseball game, 
  • read some books
  • volunteering over 100 hours and is 
  • now in India volunteering with children.  
He is teaching English and computer to them at the Merasi school school of music.  He has been their about two months and will return to Washington DC and be moving to New York City to work and save some money.

Meghan left behind a list of goals (go to the bottom of the page.)  At her funeral Adam spoke of her and his resolve to finish those goals.
Despite the grief and sorrow he is on his way.  He is finishing those goals.  They are daunting, overwhelming, but he is at it.

Adam has handled it all very well.  Some good days.  Some bad days.  But it is hard to know what he is feeling and how he feels about things apart from reading what he writes.  He is a better writer than talker, meaning he communicates best by writing.  He updates a lot of Facebook (ForTheLoveOfMeghan) and posts on Meghan's blog ~ the Bee Knees.  I know this is tough.  It is hard.  But as he says he

"cant stop. won't stop."

He is at Jaisalmer, India at the Merasi School.  If you haven't read about it before now, you may want to start here.

Over the months he has been interviewed by a number of media outlets ~ hoping to tell of Meghan and her story and getting her story of inspiration and encouragement out.  Just this past week he was interviewed by CNN and mentioned on the Saturday night TV show: 'What The Week' by Pete Dominick.  The transcript from the small segment read:

This guy, unbelievably, touching story. His name is Adam Warner, Adam's wife passed away six months ago from cancer. He decided to finish her life's goals. He's currently in India working at a school for musicians. His mission is to complete what Meghan (ph) couldn't. And to do so in her spirit of giving. I'm never going to be as strong as this guy. You can go to follow their story. 

Adam Warner, you are way better than me.

It was a very nice thing to do and the first time I have seen the show.  Pete's a good guy.

Not sure where I was going with all of this.  I guess I just wanted to let you know some of what Adam is doing and how he is keeping Meghan's legacy and telling her/their story.  So ends another Monday with Meghan.

And this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you had a great Halloween and have a really good week.


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted on Adam's progress. He is an amazing guy and he and I know you are very proud of him. I've been following the story since the day many months ago when you introduced all of us to Meghan and her latest battle. You are all an inspiration.

  2. It's a pretty amazing story and Adam is one strong and dedicated guy for having the strength and courage to continue. I really don't know how he does it.

    I am sure though that when Adam feels he has completed his goals, he will be all the better, and stronger, for it!

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated on Adam. Hope you guys are doing well. I enjoy reading about your time with the different building projects you do.

    Have a blessed day!

  4. You sure did raise a fine young man.

  5. Randy,as a parent, I can only imagine how hard it is to go through this with your son, and how encouraged you must be by his willingness to go forward and to make a difference. Thanks for telling the rest of the story