Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sea Mist Campground

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We have been here at Sea Mist Campground at Dam Neck Annex, Oceana Naval Air Station, Virginia Beach, VA for a few weeks.  It is one of the best campgrounds we have stayed at and I wanted to give you a brief tour...
The small entrance is fine, you just have to go slowly.
Dam Neck is a small Navy base so even though the campground is near a road, it is not very busy.
One thing I like is the spacing between the RVs (except for the double sites).  We have good distance between our neighbors.
Another thing I like is the large concrete pads.  They have protection poles near the sewer, electric and water connections.  This campground has three sewer connections at each campsite:  one up front, and two in the rear (one at an angle and one straight up.  Never seen that before but it is a nice feature.
 We have a single campsite but one campsite nearby has two concrete pads that are staggered.  Since I don't have one of those so it is no problem.
This campground is in the middle of upgrading and expanding.  They have four campsites that are getting new pads and another 41 sites that are being constructed 20 yards away with a new campground office.
 The campground laundry is in between the men and women's showers and has two washers and dryers (for a $1 a load!).  It is small but adequate and will be upgraded in the next couple of months with a larger facility.

One of the three log cabins presently serves as the campground office.  

The best thing there is PJ who is the MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) manager and is filling in as the campground manager until a new person is hired.  PJ is great!  Very nice, friendly, accommodating and easy going.  
 The entrance to the beach is at the end of the campground road, about 50 yards from our site.  The are is  in a sand dune management area which means a long boardwalkway is the only access to the beach.
 But the beach is beautiful.
Even with rough looking 8 foot waves, it was a sunny day and just beautiful.

Sea Mist RV Campground is one of our favorites.  It has a quiet clientele (apart from the F-18 jet noise which is really pretty cool); it has good campsites and it is right near the beach.  We love it here and will be here for a few more weeks.

That is a quick tour of the neighborhood here at Sea Mist Campground.  Thanks for joining us today and hope your weekend is a great one!


  1. Great tour Randy. I always liked going TDY to Dam Neck Annex because it was quieter than some of the other facilities in the area. Very pretty pictures and a nice looking campground. I have never seen the multiple sewer hookups anywhere.

  2. Thanks for the tour. We will definitely check it out. It looks very nice.

  3. Dennis wondered if you have to be military to get into this campground, or have someone in active military??..He is a Veteran, and would like to stay in some of these campgrounds..We were in Norfolk VA when our son was stationed on the USS JFK...Virginia Beach is lovely and your campground looks great!!

  4. Thanks for the tour, what a great looking campground. Those cement pads sure make leveling the rig a breeze. Pretty spectacular looking beach as well.

  5. Thanks for the tour, I never knew about this great MWR camp ground. I will let my friends from Fort Meade know about it.
    The Red Hat thing bugged me a bit. I thought you were Combat Military Intel, we never wanted to be noticed.
    Anyway I am glad you guys are helping many people in need. It is a very noble thing for retired Military to help the country men they served for.
    Hope you enjoyed Vets day also.

  6. Great tour of the campground. Looks like a nice place to spend a few weeks. Hope you enjoy yourselves.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Good morning Randy & Pam

    Thanks for the comments this morning. I woke early, something I haven't done in a long time, and thought of the things that we will be sharing this morning in church. I think I am going to write it out as a blog post later on.

    One thing that the Lord has shown me in the last year is to not be ashamed of Him in my life. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

    Love the picture of the beach/ocean. I so remember the sounds of F16 flying over head when we were stationed at McChord AFB. In a way, it is a comforting kinda sound.

    I too, wonder if veterans, not retired, can stay at military campgrounds. I am thinking not though.

    Have a blessed day. Continuing to think about Adam and the work he is doing in Meghans honor.

  8. What a great tour! The campground looks very quaint! I just have to become a follower as this is also my son and his wife's dream!
    Love Di ♥

  9. Thanks for following my new blog, Big Bend Over Easy in Florida! I'm not sure why you were led to it, but I'm sure glad you stopped by and liked what you saw. My husband and I were briefly RV-ers when he began a new job in Tallahassee last November. He stayed in the Big Oak RV Park there, and we took turns visiting each other on weekends. It was wonderful meeting so many interesting people, but we never actually took the thing anywhere! So maybe we're not technically RV-ers. Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. This is a great blog you have here. I'll be back to visit.