Monday, November 8, 2010

Roadrunner Financials - October 2010

We made our way back across the country (west to east), completing the last leg of our first coast to coast trek in the Roadrunner.  We left Virginia in June 2009 (from Fairfax, VA and went to California with a lot of stops along the way.)

Roadrunner Recap
In October, we spent the first half of the month in Maynardville, TN staying at Joan and Mike's place.  Mike cleared out an area on his lot where we could park the RV.
Then we moved on to Dam Neck Annex, part of Oceana Naval Air Station.  The campground in Dam Neck was one of our favorites.

Good News Areas Under Budget
We did well on
- Diesel Fuel - since we only traveled from Maynardville to Virginia Beach, we were $244 under budget
- Campground Fee - since we stayed at Joan and Mike's in Maynardville, TN at no cost.
In Virginia Beach at Dam Neck, we had a monthly rate and it turned out to be $17.16 which was $335 under budget.

Biggest Expenses
Our biggest expenses were our Wii controller, eating out and medical.  We spent some emergency room and hospital dollars when Pam had a 4-day stay in Knoxville to take care of an allergic reaction to sulfa drugs for an UTI.  She developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome with hives and fatigue and some scary stuff.  But she recovered with the right antibiotics after about 10 days.

Large One-Time Cost Items
Our biggest expense for the month was $482 to re-register the Tiffin Motorhome (The Roadrunner) and the Honda CRV.
Another expense we were glad to do but hadn't planned on was $91+ for paint and materials to fix up Kelly's front porch.

Monthly Average

We had a good month average-wise being about $500 under our target.  But we still have a long way to go from $5127 to $3900 and being where we want to be.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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