Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Roadrunner Recap: Canada to Texas in 3 Days

While we were in Canada, Kelly had an telephone interview which led to a flight to Virginia Beach for a face to face meeting.  She was hired as a Marketing Coordinator and starts on August 25! 

We planned a route to Texas to help her move.  We also stopped in Dayton OH so Adam could catch a flight to Washington DC before he leaves for India on August 22.
We stayed at the Port Huron Township RV Park Campground (A) last Thursday and Friday.  Port Huron is right on the Canada / Michigan border.
We left the RV campground in Port Huron on Saturday morning and drove to Dayton, OH (B).  Kelly drove to Dallas Texas on her own, taking Ed her dog.  She needed to get home and start packing.
We stayed at the Wright-Patterson AFB, OH FamCamp and stocked up on groceries.
On Sunday morning, we got up early and took Adam to the Dayton International Airport, then drove to Arkadelphia Arkansas.  That was a long day --- 747 miles!  But it was easy in many ways traveling in the Roadrunner.  I got an hour nap at one point and we had a hot dinner Pam cooked in the micro wave while barreling down the highway.

We stopped for the night at Arkadelphia Campground in Arkansas.
We were glad to get a site since it was late at night when we rolled into the campground.  The office was closed and it started to rain.  But we got set up and went to the office in the morning to pay for the site.  Then we left for the shorter drive to Dallas.

We found the Plantation Place RV park which is about 15 minutes from Kelly's place.  It has no office but we called the manager, got a site and found our paperwork waiting for us at the kiosk near the front.  It was pretty straight forward and simple.
The campground is fairly secluded yet not far from the freeway.  It is way more convenient than the campground we stayed in the last time we visited Kelly.  So we are close to her and have packing and cleaning to do to get her ready to leave for Virginia Beach on Friday.

That concludes this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Tomorrow I'll be posting some of the friends and family we have seen since arriving a couple of days ago.

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  1. Wow that is alot of driving in a short period, glad you made it safely.

    Congratulations to Kelly for her new position and new hometown.

  2. Congrats to Kelly on her new job - I'll bet she's pretty excited! Wow - 747 miles in one day, that's quite a lot, but at least you made it safely!

  3. Whoa!!! 747 miles in the Hiker would put Dennis in a nursing home...But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do...and It helps being able to cook while you go. We would be having cheese, sausage and crackers for dinner!!! A new job in her lucky..Congrats Kelly!!!

  4. Great news on Kelly's new job, Also a hectic drive for you guys, Hope this all works out for you guys and you can get some relaxation time in soon. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Wow, 1200 miles in three days. And one of them 750 miles. That would kill me! You folks have amazing stamina!
    Congratulations on Kelly's new Job! That takes a lot of worry out of life when you have a good job.
    And mom and pop are rightfully proud.
    Back to the heat of Texas, but you missed most of the nasty part being in Northern Ontario, so life is good! Take Care!

  6. I am truly thankful that you were protected during your long days of travel. I hope that Kelly's new job is all that she hopes it will be. Congratulations to her!