Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting Work Lined up at Red Bay, etc

Once our list of fixes got turned in at the Allegro Campground, we wait to be contacted.  Sure enough on Monday afternoon, Norris came by and discussed our list with us.  Then he told us it would be about two weeks before they could get to it.  Yikes!

We knew it was a real possibility and now that we know that the coach will sit here, we figured we might as well take care of a few things.  ~ Like drive the Honda to Fairfax, stay with friends, pick up the Pathfinder and then drive both vehicles back to Knoxville where the Pathfinder will stay for a while.  Just like that our  travel schedule changed substantially ~ but in many ways we are used to that.

Yesterday I also got in touch with our medical insurance company (TriCareWest) and started sorting out the co-pays and deductibles.  I made calls and some online payments and have some more to go but it was a good start on getting caught up.

In the afternoon we went by Brannon's Custom RV, Inc to talk about some work, but we didn't find him there.  After that we went over to the Allegro Visitor Center.  We signed in and walked through the new 2011 Breeze, Allegro Bus and Zepher models.  We are happy with our 2007 Allegro Bus and are not in the market.  But it is fun to look and learn.

After dinner back at the Roadrunner, Chris Berry (from Chris Berry's Woodworks) came by to discuss some work.  One of the things we want do is to remove the large TV in the bedroom and replace it with a flat screen.  He offered to help us remove it on the spot so I took him up on it.
It is good to watch someone take things apart without destroying the woodwork.  It helps when they have done it a few times and know where all the screws and support braces are.  As Chris said, "This is not my first rodeo".

Later in the evening after the sun started to go down, we walked around the park and met some folks and talked a while.  It was a very nice evening and day at Red Bay!

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Roger removed our old TV and bought a new flat screen that sits inside the cabinet. I would like to have a door on that cabinet (more storage) and mount the TV on the front of the door. Just wondering what your plans are.

  2. We are going to have a shelf made and doors put on the outside for more storage. We will be getting a TV that we can hook up in the bedroom or move to our outside basement connection from time to time.

  3. I put a flat screen LED on the bedroom wall, what a difference, the picture is larger and you can see it whilelaying on the bed without having to prop you head up like when the old one was on the TV shelf. We got a Vizio with the LED/LCD flatscreen really sharp picture. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. When we were there in Red Bay, we found that they tell you its going to be two weeks but then when they get a little opening, if you are there when they walk out into the parking lot, you get in for a quick job. Folks that left every day seemed to be put on a back burner. Especially if they move you out of the campground and park you on the old runway to the South. They seem to be aware of you sitting there and tapping your foot to get serviced. Makes them way more nervous. At least that was our experience, but even then we were there for almost two weeks.

  5. Two weeks, that seems like a long time. At least you have a plan to make could use of the waiting period.

  6. Sure sounds like that repair facility is one outfit that's not going to be going out of business for lack of customers! It's always great to have a Pro do a job and not risk us amateurs making a complete mess of things!

  7. As I said yesterday, This is educational! At least you don't have to pay for your space. Do you have hook ups at all? Do you have to pay for your space? Is it just a parking lot, or more like an RV park?

  8. I guess the good thing is that you can flex your schedule for theirs...We want to get rid of our big lumox TV in the living area and get a flat screen...Dennis is having trouble understanding how to point the HD dish...
    Keep folding your arms across your chest and tapping you foot...they may notice!!

  9. Full hookups at the Allegro Campground here near the Red Bay factory. 50 amp/sewer/water

    Cost is free if they are doing warranty work, otherwise $10/night

  10. Two weeks! Wow!! I'm sure you have heard that as a full timer that it's good to keep your plans in jello. Oh, and the other things they say is that's it's important to keep your sense of humor. Good luck with all of that and the foot tapping. :)