Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun on the Lake

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We got a late start over to the Royce's cabins.  I went for a long run and the we all had showers so it was after noon before we left.  Tiffany had to get a boat license and we met over at that dock.  While there we ran into a family of six who were making their up Talon Lake on a  canoe trip.

The Meyers have been doing this for the last 7 years when they decided to follow the 'Voyagers' trail.  It seems like a neat thing to do for the hardy at heart.  And I imagine you have to be in pretty good shape.  They carried all their backpacking and tent supplies in their canoes.  We didn't talk long so I didn't get all the details.

Over at the cabin it was raining on and off most of the afternoon.  In between the showers, Emily and Lauren took turns diving off the dock.
Lauren demonstrated one of my favorites:  The Penguin dive!  I'd give her a 10! on that one...

A highlight of the afternoon was watching Jeff take the kids out on the jet ski so they could do some knee boarding.  Caleb had no trouble.  He looks like he has done this hundreds of times.
Kelly gave it a try and got up on her first attempt.  Pretty impressive.  
It seems as if it is easier for the little ones to do it.  The older ones struggle a little more...

After that we decided to squeeze in an 'Appetizer Cruise' before dinner.  Pam and Tiffany and Kelly fixed some munchies (mainly cheese and crackers) and we went for a nice ride on the pontoon boat to the other end of the lake.  

Jeff made sure we had an extra can of gas on board and way we went.

It was cloudy but still a nice ride.  There are a number of cabins along the lake, but it doesn't seem too crowded.  A few spots have a small beach.
On our way back the boat sputtered and came to a stop in the middle of the lake....Jeff's prior planning worked out well.
He filled up the gas tank and away we went.  We made it back to the boat dock and cabin, had a great meal and then returned to the Roadrunner before we wrapped things up for the day.

It was another good day on Talon Lake!

Thanks for viewing and please join us again on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Wow! looks like a really fun Day.

  2. Loved the pic of the boy with his hand on the dog, in the front of the boat...Sounds like a little rain couldn't ruin your parada!!! What a fun day...

  3. Kids, a boat and a lake makes for a great day every time!

  4. I love the video of Lauren demonstrating her penguin dive! Bravo!

  5. Nice tour of the lake - another great day!

  6. Thanks for sharing your day on the lake. That pontoon boat looks great.

  7. What a fun day!!
    You are right...its been too long since we've had a rematch of Mexican Train. Hope we can meet up with you guys again somewhere down the road.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)