Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fairfax Again!

We drove from Red Bay Alabama on Wednesday and made it to Maynardville, Tennessee.  I was only about 350 miles, but it seemed a lot longer.  We left the Roadrunner at the factory in Red Bay and drove the Honda.

We made it to Mike and Joan's about 3:30 which was a good driving day.  We had time to pack away some of Adam's things we had been keeping and are going to store at Mike and Joan's.  We didn't do much  that night, just talked and got caught up.  I didn't have a signal, so no blog post.

We got out of Maynardville about 8:30 on Thursday morning and on our way to Fairfax.  We drove through some of the prettiest country on the planet.  I think the area from Wytheville, VA to the Shenandoahs is just gorgeous - very scenic.  We got into town about 3:30 or 4 and met Adam for dinner.

He was in DC for the last few days before he goes to India.  He asked us to bring one of his bikes from Tennessee where it had been stored.  We delivered it to his friend Chris' house, then went on to dinner at the Sunflower Restaurant. Over the years it has become a favorite because Adam is a vegan and they serve up some pretty tastiest vegetarian food.

We ran an errand and dropped him off at the Metro, then went to the old neighborhood to see friends Pete and Roxanne.  It was great to catch up with them and to hear what is going on in their lives.  They are getting ready to celebrate their 25th anniversary and are going back to Hawaii for a few days.  That sounds fun!

We went back to Jeff and Tiffany's where we are staying and called it a day.  That was it for the Roadrunner Chronicles.  As always, thanks so much for viewing!


  1. Wow! A very packed few days of activities. I've never tried vegan food but I'm sure it's every bit as tasty as you say.

  2. Also WOW! That is a lot of driving in a short time.

    Enjoy your time there.