Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunny Skies at Quartzsite

Today was a beautiful day in Quartzsite. The sun shined early and stayed all day.

I had scheduled an appointment with Rick at RV Safety and went over to the Bluebird area at the La Posa South Long Term Visitor Area of the Bureau of Land Management area where he and his wife were set up to weigh rigs.
We are parked about 500 yards away so it was easy to find them. I met Rick and his wife who were doing the weighing. I got an appointment for 10:20 and they gave me some paperwork to fill out. I had to note the Tiffin manufacturer recommended weights for the coach, the front axle, rear axle and also write down information from our coach tires.

Then we went back and got in line and eased the Roadrunner onto the scales.
Before we knew it, we were done. The initial results were that we are 400 lbs under the maximum weight. In a few days, they will mail us more information and recommendations. Then we can take that and look up our numbers on Michelin's web site so we can find the precise psi for each tire.

Then we will reset our Pressure Pro Tire Monitoring system and be all set up.

It was a beautiful day we were going to go for a hike to a nearby mine in the foothills. We had some of Pam's fantastic leftover beef stew for lunch and then talked to Art and Gerri for a while. Art had contacted a Tiffin representative who was going to be at our campsite in the early afternoon so we decided to wait for him.

Then we heard about the Escapees 'Boomers' group that Art and Geri belong to and decided to go over to see them about 3:00 and join their potluck. Meanwhile, I worked on a sewer hose that needed repair. Pam read some and we watched a little of the Australian Open and also some of the golf (Bob Hope Desert Classic).

By now it was after 3:00 and the representative hadn't showed up so we scratched our plans for the potluck and hung outside in the sun.
For a while it was Geri, Art, Pam and I. We are what is left of the Tiffin RV Network rally that was here last week. After we weighed the Roadrunner we moved down to where they are parked so we have a nice little triangle of coaches.

Then Paul and Eugenia returned for the RV tent and joined us. We talked and had a good time for a while until the sun started to go down.
So we decided to circle the chairs and get a fire started from what was left of our campfire wood. We found out Paul and Eugenia (from Georgia) have been full-timing eight months, Art and Geri have been full-timers for six months. Pam and I have been at it now eight months.

Not long after that we were joined by Dennis and Jackie. They are from Southern California and staying in Quartzsite at a campground with full hookups.
They have a new Phaeton and we found a couple more chairs, offered them some beverages and it turned out well. They stayed and asked questions and told us about themselves and it was a good time.

The fire burned down and it was getting a little cold when Phil the Tiffin representative showed up. He offered some advice and helped Art with some things he needed. Then it was time to retreat to our coaches and settle in for the evening.

We watched another beautiful sunset while the stars started to come out.
Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles. We are looking forward to more sunshine the next few days and hope you join us :)


  1. I think these rainy days are sent our way just to make us appreciate how nice the sun is when it comes back!

  2. What fun! It's nice to meet up with so many people. I'm glad the rains are out of there and you're ok.

  3. Sounds like you all are having a great time in the desert!! Also glad the rains stopped!

    Like your new introduction on your blog! Nice looking family!

  4. Like your new family pic, Looks great. Can you post any details on the full hookup price and place those people were staying?