Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday in Sunny Quartzite

It was a beautiful day yesterday - all day. Here are some early morning pictures of our campsite.
Later in the morning, we downloaded a message from McLean Bible Church and listened to a recent sermon from Lon Solomon. We like his clarity and everyday application.

He always has congregation participation during the service by asking his most important question, "So What?". He does this after going through a portion of scripture and delivering his message, as if he were in the audience. 'So what does this story from the bible or this portion of scripture have to do with me?'

Asking 'So What' is a pretty effective transition from the esoteric/interesting category to a call to action or personal challenge. So after we went to the 'Roadrunner Chapel' (as we call our Sunday online sessions when we don't have a church we want to go to), we traveled the three miles into town.

The Tiffin Tech Rep who was out here on Saturday night confirmed that Bob Tiffin, owner of Tiffin Motorhomes, was going to be at La Mesa RV in Quartzsite. We wanted to meet him. He has the absolute best reputation of any businessman I have ever heard of.

We you hear talk about Bob Tiffin, you hear of what a gentleman he is and how he helped someone who had an issue with their motorhome. No one else in the RV industry has a better reputation that Bob Tiffin.

Aside from meeting him, we want to see if he will replace our windows. All of our windows are thermal, duel paned windows and they fog up. We have been to hot and cold weather (not real cold thankfully)-- and they fog up. We are told it is a common problem with Tiffins and I really have no idea why since they do everything else so well with the coaches.

Anyone else out there have a problem with fogged windows?

Our issue is that they are covered under warranty for two years and our coach is three years old. So hopefully he will give the OK to get them swapped out when we are back at Red Bay in April for other work.

How about your RV? Do you get fogged windows? If so, what do you do about it?

At Mesa RV, we confirmed Mr. Tiffin and his wife would be there Monday, so we intend to see if we can talk to him.

After that, we went to Family Dollar and picked up a toilet treatment called 'Fabuloso'. Some friends recommended it, so we thought we'd give it a try. Anyone else use that brand?

Our next stop was the RV tent. It was the last day of the event and the crowds were not there.
Attendance looked like it was way down. The aisles were very passable and it was a good time to be there.

We checked out a wifi booster antenna from Wilson, but we were not sure which one to get to interface with our Autonet 12-volt router.
So we decided to wait on that.

Back at the Roadrunner it was a another beautiful sunny day here at La Posa South, BLM Long Term Visitor area. We paid $40 which gives us 14 days and access to the dump station and they have an area we can get clean water for our tanks. We are in good shape since we filled up last Wednesday.

Our time here 'boondocking' or dry camping (not dry-docking as Adam says :) ) has been very enjoyable. We keep an eye on the tanks with our new SeeLevel gauges and are confident we will not have to dump or fill up until Tuesday afternoon before we head out on Wednesday. We took quick showers last night and that was good...

One of my new jobs (definitely a Blue Job and not a Pink Job) at the Roadrunner yesterday was cleaning out the toilet bowl and trap. I wanted to do that and see if I could get a tighter fit on the rubber gasket on the trap door. My concern has always been keeping the trap open while I cleaned it. I didn't want to break it by forcing it open.

Pam figured it out by removing the fuse to the electric toilet. Then I used the manual override button and wa-la! the trap opened and stayed open while I cleaned it. After I cleaned it I rubbed vaseline around real good on the gasket hoping it would make a tight seal.
I replaced the fuse and gave it a try and ---- no luck. The bowl would still not retain water. I may give it another try today an see if I can adjust the gasket a little.

While I was doing that, Paul and Eugenia took off in their Razr ATV for a trip through the desert to Dripping Springs. They had a map, a GPS, some drinks and headed out for a trip through the dirt roads and trails.
We gave them a short send off. Hours later they returned and had a great 20 mile trip. Lots of people have these machines and they look like a lot of fun.

Again - I never tire of saying thank you to our readers or get tired of sunsets. Here are some from yesterday.
By that time the NFL games were on and the Colts ran away with it in the second half, while the Saints took the Vikings to overtime. My guess is that Brett Favre will hang it up this time for good but it has been fun watching him have a great season after his last try at retirement.

I cooked some hamburgers on the grill, we read some and that was it for us on a sunny Sunday in Quartzsite.


  1. We get our toilet trap to shut all the way by letting it "snap" shut. That seems to work, and the water stays in there. Don't know if that will eventually damage the foot pedal, but for now that's what we're doing.

  2. Our Sealand Concerto toilet has a hand flush, not the floor foot pedal.

  3. Good Morning... I had the handle flush (handle broke off twice) and didn't care for it... put in a new toilet with a foot pedal... I think all toilets eventually have the problem of holding water... We do the snap shut like Ann does. We get condensation on the inside of our windows when it is cold outside and warm inside... and visa versa... I think it just happens in extreme hot or cold. As far as toilet chemicals we use drop in packets from Wal-Mart... They work great! Have a fabulous day and travel safe.

  4. We bought a 2008 Allegro Bay Fred last summer, that was a hold over from the recession. It was still new, but had sat in the RV sales lot. And sure enough, the two windows in the hallway by the bathroom were fogged over. We complained loudly, and Tiffin had our dealer replace them. I have noticed a bit of fogging at times in the smaller windows on the LR slideout. Since we have been here in Az, it has gone away. I wonder if they are really sealed, or if they breath. No matter how they start out, it is apparent they lose their seal once on the road subjected to all the vibration. I'm not sure how to go about keeping them sealed up, and you can't live in the desert all the time, so I will be most interested to hear what Bob has to say about the issue.


  5. Randy,
    Quite a bit of information on the window fogging problem on the TVRN Forum. Just do a search. I understood from Mr. Tiffin (in Nov) that they have changed the type of seal used between the window glass. Hopefully, they will take care of you, but I believe that question was also raised on the TVRN Forum. Good luck.

  6. Try using your toilet brush and press real hard and go round and round by the seal. You may have to do it several times. I have found this worked for me a couple of times.

  7. Randy,
    Check out for an antenna. Give them a call and talk directly to one of the salespeople. They'll be able to recommend everything you need based on what you already have and how you plan to use it. 3Gstore is recommended by both Howard Payne and Jack Mayer. I've ordered several things from them, but always speak with someone directly when ordering. They are very knowledgeable about RV'ers needs with cell phones, internet service and routers.

    Glad are enjoying Quartzite. Hope to get there next winter.

    Hope to see you down the road sometime.

  8. We don't have thermal windows in our 5er and figured that was why they fog. But, we crack our ceiling vents and that seems to solve the problem.