Friday, January 29, 2010

On to Yuma

First of all, thank you for your supportive and kind words on behalf of Meghan, her family and Adam. They need them, so please keep them coming and keep them in your prayers.

And I know there are many of you out there that have had through your own hard things in life. I struggle to know how to say it, to be more compassionate, to make sense of it -- to have the right perspective. We all do. We don't quite know what to say--- here's what daughter Kelly had to say which I liked very much: Kelly's blog

We continue to try to act if life is normal at the moment, knowing full well that a lot hangs in the balance. We know she can be healed from this and continue to pray that way. Join us--the fight is on!

Meanwhile, we left La Posa South BLM area near Quartzsite on Wednesday
and stopped in at the Army Base at Yuma Proving Grounds. It was a fine although they had no vacancies and was 20 miles from Yuma. We continued on and found the VFW/BLM area outside of Yuma on I 95 and stayed for one night.

This morning we checked out another RV park off I-10 but it wasn't that great. We went to the main road to Algodones (Hiway 86) and ended up finding a place in a casino RV/truck parking lot.

That took us until about noon, and we went back into Yuma for an In-N-Out burger.
Then we went over to the Yuma Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) and did our wash and went to the commissary (groceries).

When we returned to the casino RV park, we decided to go see the casino. I don't know if Pam and I have ever been in a casino before today. I have been in a few--the last one might have been in the late 1970's.
We walked around for a few minutes and ended up getting a Shrimp and Steak dinner for $7.77. It was really quite good.

After that we returned to the Roadrunner and made some phone calls and watched some TV before we went to bed.

Thanks for joining us in the journey...


  1. So sorry about Meghan! May God be her comfort.

    I lived in Yuma 1963-1966. My husband was at the MCAS. Many memories! My son was born there. I know it's grown tremendously. I wouldn't know it. Have fun there!

  2. I read Kelly's blog and like the way she expressed herself and stated how she felt. Besides praying for the best, that's about all anyone can do right now. Take care and hope you enjoy Yuma.

  3. Randy, I'm so sorry to hear about Meghan's situation. Tragic. My heart goes out to Adam, Meghan and her family and friends. Perhaps she can get into an experimental program where they are using chemo drug bound with molecules that bind with only the cancer cells they are targeting. Not sure if there would be a problem with drug passing brain blood barrier. Also not sure what phase testing this is approach is in but it has been very successful. High doses can be delivered and delivered to just the cancer cells. Saw this on site Cancer Compass, which is very good while I was taking chemo-therapy for face.

    I grew up in Yuma. Had a population around 7000 then. Our house at 490 West 16th Street (all of 700 sq ft.) is now a toco stand I'm told. Gil

  4. Randy and Pam,
    We continue to pray! We left Kelly a comment.. ...what a well written post she made on her blog. We know you all are hurting but God is that as we know you will.

    Mike and Gerri

  5. Randy, tried to send you a message but failed security. Didn't see any two words to type. Gil

  6. The Army camp ground was full both times we drove way out of our way to check, but the Post Commander has a standing order " Turn no one away after dark". They allowed us to stay in the BX/PX parking lot. I hope you checked out all the war equipment on display while you were there. How much does it cost to stay at the casino?

  7. Cost is free here at the casino. They hope to make their money by what you spend inside. Kind of like Walmart. Sort of ... :)

  8. Just caught up on your Blog - we join in the prayers for Meghan and you as you deal with this.
    We're in S Texas till Apr. Enjoyed the Quartzite tour, was there last year.
    Bud & Mona