Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boondocking in Quartzsite

First of all I want to acknowledge our newest followers:
Kenny and Angela
Tom Wright
Thank you for following! It is great to have you along on our travels of the Roadrunner Chronicles.

The last couple of days have been quite interesting. We kept track of the weather reports and were ready for the rain to come our way. And it did!

It rained like nobodies business all day. I took a few pictures throughout the day from our Roadrunner:
It rained hard for a couple of hours, then stopped for a while. And the the big one came. It rained hard for about an hour with winds at 45-50 mph and we had rivers running through our campsite area.

It finally quit about 6:00 PM and the sun started to come out.
After it was over, we had some nice cloud scenes.

Friday, it seemed like a lot of folks were in town. They had been cooped up like us so they were out and about. We made a stop at the little post office in Quartzsite. It was busy but the line kept moving. It took about 20 minutes to go through the line.
But that was enough time to meet Ken and Vickie who are from northwest Arkansas and are spending the winter here in Quartzsite. It was nice to meet them and we may have a chance to get together with them in the next few days.

We stopped by the RV Tent again. It was really not too busy. A friend is interested in seeing what new products and technology is out there for windshield repair. We found some displays but nothing new.

Then we went to find the Blue Ox folks. We need to get an auxiliary braking system for our towed vehicle (toad). It is something that has been on our list since we started full-timing. We looked at the Patriot system and decided on it.
Dave and his wife Joanne have been full-timing for ages and have been Blue Ox representatives for the last few years. They had a wealth of information and answered all out questions.
We wrote a check and will be getting ours shipped to us in a couple of weeks.

We hustled back to the Roadrunner because there were some dark clouds looming. It turned out to be a pleasant evening without any rain, but I am afraid the 70 degree weather has left us for a while.
But we still get some amazing Arizona sunsets!

Thank you for viewing today and hope you are having a great weekend. Go Colts and Vikings! Who are you picking in the playoffs?


  1. I hope the bad weather is over for you.
    Lovely pictures.
    Thanks, Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. You seem to have weathered the 'bad weather' really well - what choice do we really have, anyway? Nice pics too. Hopefully, you'll both be getting some sunshine for the next little while!

  3. Yeah, we blew that big old rainstorm right over to ya. Sorry. I think we're done with bad storms here on the coast of Cal. for now. We may get a little rain again this week, but not a gullywhomper.

    Take care!