Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hard Day and the last one at Quartzsite

It was pretty nice at Quartzsite yesterday. Pam and I talked a bit with Paul and Eugenia before they took off on a day trip to Parker and Lake Havasu City.

Art and Gerri were deciding whether or not to stay a few more days and left the campsite early to go dump their tanks and take on some water in case they decided to leave. They returned and ended up leaving about 1:30.

Our task for the morning was to get a rug to match the runner and mat we purchased a few days ago at Tyson Wells swap meet in Quartzsite. We also wanted to pick up a new ceramic heater that was priced well at RV Lifestyles on the edge of town.

So off we went and we landed at the swap meet first. We went to the vendor and to my mild surprise, she had a the matching 5' x 8' rug we were looking for. Next we found RV Lifestyles and looked around their Supply section. Sure enough--- we found the small ceramic heater we were there too.

By then it was after 12:00 and we decided to go get lunch at La Mesa RV.

While we were there, Adam called with troubling news. Meghan's breast cancer has metastasized and is now in her brain. We are shocked and broken hearted... We don't know what to say...

Meghan went to ER on Tuesday because she has had some bad headaches over the last three weeks that will not go away. The doctor ordered a CT scan and she later found out the cancer had returned and traveled to her brain.

She went back to the doctor today and begins more radiation next week.

Our plans yesterday afternoon changed and we didn't feel like doing much. You can imagine how sad we are. At the same time we will be hopeful and continue to send words of encouragement and our prayers her way.

If you'd like to pray also for her and her family, please join us. We appreciate it greatly.

We called her parents yesterday and offered our prayers and support as she engages in this next battle. Marg and Bill are good folks. Obviously they have been through a lot with Meghan's earlier episode of breast cancer. She went through a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation earlier in the year. When she finished up in July we were hoping that was it.

Thankfully we got to see her and meet Marg and Bill in August while we were in Michigan and Canada, and recently saw Meghan in San Diego over the holidays.

Meghan kept a blog during her first bout with cancer and has pledged to keep it updated again. If you'd like to send her a word of encouragement, click here to get to her blog:

So that is what we were working through yesterday. We love the full-time lifestyle and have been blessed with so many wonderful times. And we know hard things in life happen no matter where we are.

We are sad, concerned and yet very much appreciative to be included in this with Meghan and her family. We will be praying for her and them and keeping you posted on her progress.

Thank you for joining with us.

And thank you for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about Meghan.
    Y'all have my prayers and best wishes for her speedy recovery.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. I am so sorry to learn that this has happened to Meghan. This disease is so insidious. I will remember Meghan and all of you in my prayers as you cope with this sad turn of events. God Bless all of you.

    Thank you, too, for opening up and sharing this news. The power of prayer with your circle of RV friends (even those of us you do not know personally) will hopefully give you the comfort that our Lord wants you to have and know.

  3. I cried when I read about Meghan, she has such a wonderful little girl inside, that let's her see what others overlook. I was also lucky to get a glimpse of the joy she offers the world. My prayers will be for her recovery and well being.

  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with Meghan and all those who love her. A very sad time indeed.


  5. I was very sad to read about Meghan. I went to her blog site and was amazed to see how upbeat and positive she is - a truly remarkable person. We will be thinking about Meghan and praying that she will be ok.

  6. So sorry to hear this news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Meghan, Adam and all of her family & friends.

  7. I am so sorry to hear the news about Meghan. We will certainly keep her and the family in our prayers along with you guys. Please know our thoughts are with you all at this time. Even though we aren't physically together know that we are with you. Please keep us updated.

    Hugs and love,
    Mike and Gerri