Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meeting Bob Tiffin plus more at Quartzsite

We heard Bob Tiffin was going to be at La Mesa RV at Quartzsite so we were over there early --- about 9:15 AM to see if we could meet him. Sure enough! We got to talk with him for a few minutes and got a picture with him. He is very personable and approachable.
Our mission was to ask if he would fix our windows that get fogged.

We love our coach and I told him that and also that we had a problem with our windows which were 'out of warranty'. He immediately said he would warranty the windows and asked us where we wanted to get the work done - La Mesa in Tucson, the factory in Red Bay or somewhere else? Since we are headed to Red Bay in April we will have it done then.

What a relief! Some of those windows cost $350 each plus $85/hr labor. It could have been very costly, instead--he will do it all and extend our warranty. To say we were pleased is an understatement. We were ecstatic!

So we join the long list of those that have had a great experience with Bob Tiffin. There must be thousands of folks that Bob has taken care of!

How about you? Are you one of them? Or do you know of someone he treated well? I would love to hear YOUR story...

After talking with Bob we met with our campsite buddies Art and Gerri at La Mesa RV for a free breakfast. They serve pancakes everyday except Sunday.
After that we went and got a couple of new rugs for the Roadrunner and then went back to La Mesa to see what they were having for lunch. We were not alone-- there must have been a hundred people lined up out the door.

That is where we met sisters Sharon and Delores. It was fun meeting and talking with them.
After lunch we drove out the other side of town to see if we could find the Escapees Boomers group.
We got directions and they were right--it was way way way, out of town in the middle of the BLM area.

When we returned to La Posa South where our campsite is and Paul insisted Pam and I take his ATV for a ride.
We took off and rode out in the desert for a good while and had a lot of fun!

We got back in time to start setting up for our cookout and campfire. New friends Ken and Vickie who are spending the season at an RV park in Quartzsite came out to see us and enjoy the evening.
Before long we were sitting around and telling stories. Then we got with it and started grilling hamburgers and chicken.
Vickie brought some chip and dip and we stood around and talked for a while.

We lit the campfire before we sat down to eat. It wasn't long before the sun went down.
We had a great time around the fire and finally headed into our rigs went it got chilly.

The sunset was memorable -- it was one of the more pink / red sunsets we've seen.
We are really enjoying boondocking. We are new to it but learning more each day about how to do this.

How about you? Do you boondock (dry camp?) If so, how many days per year?

Thanks so much for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles! Hope your week is going well.


  1. That's sure terrific news about Bob Tiffin extending your warranty on the windows - congratulations!! Sure speaks highly of Tiffin too as the kind of company you would like to deal with all the time.

  2. Have you read the story about Bob and a customer that had bought a Allegro Bus, and then sold it and came back and bought a custom Zepher? Bob's salesman didn't know what to say to a fellow that had purchased so many big expensive rigs. Bob said, you could start by saying "Thank You." That seems to sum up the Tiffin's and Bob in particular. I'll bet he can be tough as nails to work for, but has never lost sight that his customers are number one. Sounds like he thinks his new friends Randy and Pam are number one too!

  3. That is great news that Tiffan is going to stand behind you and what a relief for your budget. Safe travels when you leave "Q"..

  4. Randy: Great photo's. Need to get advice on how to do it. We just missed meeting him again here in Tucson. Our appointment is for Monday morning.

  5. Hey Randy, take a look at