Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On the Road Heading East

On Sunday we went to Christ Chapel in Fort Worth. The young pastor had a good message on The Heart of the Motive out of the gospel of Luke. What motivates you? Duty and Fear or Love and Obedience?After church we went back to the campground and dumped the tanks. The weather forecast on Monday said rain and cold, so we wanted to get that done while it was decent. Plus I wanted to have everything done so we could just hitch up the toad and leave without delay on Monday AM.

Next we went over to Brad and Sue's to spend the rest of the afternoon. We watched some football and had pizza for dinner. Sue did some exercises and is really doing great! The new knee is getting more flexible every day. She is doing real well with the Physical Therapy too. We are very excited for her!

Kelly headed back to Fort Worth and another work week in Dallas with 5G. We heard from Adam and he is moving from Croswell MI to just outside of Detroit. We look forward to seeing both of them in a few weeks. They are flying to Arizona and we all will drive to San Diego for Christmas.

It turned out to be a beautiful morning and I took a few more pictures of our campground at Holiday Park, COE recreation area at Benbrook Lake.
We have 701 miles from Benbrook to Red Bay Alabama, and we wanted to get as many miles as we could. Along the way we passed a milestone: we have put 10,000 miles on the Allegro Bus since we bought it May 22, 2009.
The odometer read 21,156 when we bought our RV in May. I did not think we would put that many on it in the first year, let alone the first six months. I guess naming it the 'Roadrunner' is fitting.

I love driving this coach. It handles very well and is a comfortable ride. We left about 8:30 ish and got past Jackson MS by 5:30 or so. We are in a Jellystone Park campground. We pulled up as they were closing but were able to get a nice site (I think since it was dark when we hooked up). The main thing is that we wanted to get hookups since the weather is supposed to get down into the high 30's/low 40's.

We had a frozen dinner and watched some football before we called it a night. We have about 250 miles to go to get to the Tiffin factory for our appointment and it looks like we will be able to check in a day early. We want some other work done in town also.

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  1. Safe Travels,,,,,stay warm and dry!! We have sold dozens of PressurePro Systems to people while they were at Red Bay.....

  2. Glad you enjoyed the service at Christ Chapel. That is where Scott and the kids go to church. They love it.

    We are looking forward to keeping up with you and your adventure in Red Bay.

  3. That coach is just getting broken in - you should have many more thousands of miles and a lot of years of great traveling in it.

  4. The RV lifestyle is so great it is hard not to put lots of miles on an RV, isn't it? I enjoy your Roadrunner Chronicles very much.