Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Day in San Diego

It was our last day at the Del Mar RV campsites on Camp Pendleton and another very nice day at the beach.
Our new neighbor Tom is vacationing from Alaska and talked with Adam and Meghan before we left for some sight seeing. He and his wife Kathy flew in from Alaska for a few days.

A little before noon, we made our way down the historic Coastal Highway 1o1 and stopped at a scenic place in Carlsbad to watch the surfers and other people down on the beach.
We stayed long enough for a couple of sandwiches and set up the time delay on the camera for an unassisted picture.
We are frowning a little bit because of the sun in our eyes.

Then we went on to the world famous Torrey Pines golf course. It is one of the spectacular venues for big time professional and amateur tournaments.
Inside the golf store, I spotted one of my all-time favorites who won here as a junior golfer - Phil Mickelson.
He grew up not far from here as did Tiger Woods.

Next we took Adam and Meghan over to Coronado Island.
It is quite a view to look back at across the bay at San Diego and see aircraft carriers and cruise ships.
And the San Diego skyline.

We got to see Chris & Rob one last time and dropped by in time for dinner. Their eldest - Jackson - and I took a picture by the chimney.
One of Rob's friends from college (John, and his friend Hillary) also came by. In 1994 Rob and John and a couple of other friends stayed overnight with Pam and I when we lived in Virginia.
It was nice to see him again and meet Hillary.

We also got to see Irene again and have them all meet Meghan. Rob and Chris and Irene have been the perfect hosts during our time here. They have the gift of hospitality and are very generous. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them and look forward to seeing them again.

Next, we are heading to Redlands, CA - about four hours up the road.

Thanks for checking in on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Happy New Year Pam & Randy... It was sure nice where you were at and I just know it'll be beautiful where you are heading... Travel Safe and most of all have fun!!!'

  2. Since Del Mar RV Campground is close to Camp Pendleton is it for Retired Military only or is it open to the public? It really sounds like a nice place to camp.

    Hope you have a Happy and Safe New Year.

  3. Wow!
    You guys keep busy, unlike us slackers. I have enjoyed reading your blog since I got back to Alaska and 6 degrees below zero. Our 17 days seemed to last a month at our pace and that is what we needed. We plan to be back at Del Mar camp for New Years 2011. It is a great beach and close to lots of great sights in San Diego. I got pretty good at flying my sport kite before we left.
    Keep having fun and stay safe out on the road.