Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Errands and the Concert

We had an early morning appointment in Tucson at the Chapman Honda dealer. REALLY early (the sun wasn't even up) and it was COLD (see the frost on the windshield?)outside.While we drove into town we watched the beautiful sunrise. We arrived on time and Angel took care of us. We read the paper, watched some TV and were done getting our tires rotated in less than two hours.

After that, we found a shoe store that had some Birkenstocks in Pam's size, so we bought her Christmas present. (Boy will she be surprised!)Next we went over to La Mesa RV to have them replace a faulty tail light socket. While that was going on, we walked down the street and had lunch at a gas station sub sandwich shop where Celine prepared 'The Hungry' for us.On our way back I snapped a pictures of a couple other large RV dealers within 200 yards of La Mesa RV Center: Beaudry RV and Pedata RV.
While we were in the planning and preparation mode of our pre-fulltime status, I looked at many RVs at the websites of all three dealers. I like being able to see them and know where they are physically located.

After we finished up at La Mesa RV (they were GREAT), we got directions to a nut and bolt shop (Wheel Equipment) to get a new set of Blue Ox lynch pins.
It took a while to find it but that was the last errand before returning to our campground.

Pam did the wash while I dry-washed the Roadrunner with The Solution. I finished about half of the RV and we had time for a late afternoon hike near the Desert Trails RV Park where we are staying. What a great place to go for an hour hike!

We had dinner and then went to our concert at the Desert Trails RV Park Activities Center. We have heard nothing but good things about the fiddler: Arvel Bird. Some folks who were here two years ago ranted about how good it was.

Now I know why. He was FANTASTIC. I did not know that many American and Canadian Indian tribes had a heritage of playing the fiddle. Many tribes intermarried with the French, English, Scot and others...and left a legacy of fiddle music.Arvel introduced a number stories in his songs that tell of the Indian legacy. He is of Paiute and Scottish heritage.
I wanted to tell him how much we enjoyed his show and was able to get picture with him.This will be a day we won't forget for a while.

Thanks so much for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. You will have to let me borrow one of yours...

  2. Hi, Randy and Pam - I happened on your blog of Arvel's concert at Desert Trails RV Park and enjoyed your comments very much. We always have fun there, but usually like to stay a little longer. We feel so welcome and appreciate Pericles and the other "inmates", er, I mean guests . . . LOL, for having Arvel back year after year. This year our schedule has been really stretched, and had to drive on down to see my mom in Bisbee, parking at Turquoise Valley RV Park (actually in Naco, AZ, I think). Not as many activities as Desert Trails, but a nicely maintained golf course for us duffers.

    Thank you again and we hope to see you again soon!
    Kimberly and Arvel Bird