Saturday, December 5, 2009

Quick Trip to Maynardville, TN

On Friday we were out of Allegro Campground Campsite #62 and in front of Service Bay #42 at 7:00 AM. At Red Bay, they start work at 7:00 and quit at 3:00 PM.

As soon as we got our electrical issues fixed, we were going to park the Bus in the campground and drive the Honda to Tennessee to see Pam's sister Joan, and husband Mike.It took a while but Tiffin mechanic (Gary) found that the Honda brakelight connection was shorting out. He corrected that and everything checked out fine. That is a big relief--now when I change lanes I can be confident my signals are working. Those behind me will probably appreciate it too. And I will probably get fewer of those waves from other drivers... :)

We have one more stop (the paint and body work service bay) to finish up before we leave. We will probably get in sometime Monday.

With that we were cleared out of the Service Bay at 9:15 AM. We reparked the Roadrunner at our campsite, plugged it in and departed for Maynardville, TN. We made the 350 mile trip in about six hours and lost an hour when we changed to the Eastern Time Zone.

We arrived in time for dinner. Joan had cooked a roast with potatoes and carrots and it was great. It hit the spot and we thoroughly gorged ourselves. After dinner we went over to Michelle and Jeremy's house (and their kids, Kayla and Noah.) Jeremy was installing a new washer and dryer. He also had a whole bag full of rags for us. Those will come in handy!

Later in the evening we went back to watch 'Home Alone'. Every time I see that movie, I find something else that cracks me up! After the movie, we looked at the weather forecast. They also said something about snow...
That is all for today's Roadrunner Chronicles. Thanks for stopping by and stay warm! Have a great weekend!


  1. I read your blogs every day and wished I had been there to see Joan and Mike. Joe liked Mike very much. It is great to stay in touch with family this way.

  2. Wow a busy day for you... Glad that it was a safe trip and you enjoyed all your company... Have Fun & Travel Safe

  3. We're having a similar problem. No signal on the left side of the motorhome. I hope we can find the solution as easily as your mechanic did. Any suggestions?

    1. One of the wires in the bulb housing of the rear end light unit was touching metal. They found where it was touching, taped the exposed wire and it fixed the problem.