Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cool in San Diego

But who is complaining? It IS San Diego... And it is supposed to warm up some in the next few days. And we don't have any ice and snow and it is not blowing at the moment and we are very grateful to be here!

We drove over to cousin Rob and wife Chris' house in Del Mar and got to see their kids and Chris' mom for a couple of hours. And I found a new best friend - their dog Murphy decided to come over and make herself at home.Right on top of me. Chris and Rob are getting geared up to host 17 of the extended family for Christmas Eve dinner. Should be fun!

Next, it was shortly before noon when Pam, Adam, Kelly and I went down to Old Town San Diego for lunch. We found the restaurant (Casa Guadalajara) where Pam and I had dined a couple of years ago on a previous visit.Not sure that was a good idea. We at way too much for lunch. :)We got the OK from the manager and left our car in the parking lot while we went over to Old Town to look around a bit.
We did some sightseeing and Kelly and Adam did some Christmas shopping.

Later in the afternoon on the way back to our campground, we decided to see our friends Joel and Roxie from 25 years ago. We were all together in Hawaii in the mid-1980's when our kids were pre-school age.

Now they live in Carlsbad (not far from our campsite at Del Mar Beach at Camp Pendleton). We had talked about getting together after Christmas but we had some time in the afternoon, so we changed our mind and dropped in. It was great to see some of their kids and to catch up with them. Hopefully we will get to have them out to our campsite for another visit.

Kelly got a Red Box movie last night called 'Julie & Julia' which was partly about a blogger. I can relate. I am also a big Meryl Streep fan.I did pretty well -- probably watched over 50% of it before I nodded off a time or two...

So here we are, able to enjoy one of the best things about this lifestye -- seeing friends and family.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year,

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  1. Pictures are bigger and more clear - what did you change? Merry Christmas!!!!