Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday in the San Diego Area

We called our friends Joel and Roxie and asked for directions to New Life Presbyterian Church where they attend. We arrived in time to find them and sat with them for the service. Nice church.
They were blessed with a grand child earlier in the year and had all their kids home for Christmas. It was great to see them and their family again.

We had our sights set on an In-N-Out burger for lunch and found one.
If you've never had one, you should give it a try some time.

When we returned to the campground, the wind picked up a little bit and the sky was overcast.
The temperature was in the low 60's so it wasn't exactly a beach day.

We went back over to Rob and Chris's and spent time with Jackson & Andie, Irene
Marty & Elena, Matt
Chris & Rob. We had more left over's from our huge feast on Christmas Eve. We didn't stay too long after dinner and said our goodbye's. Matt headed out to the airport for a late flight back to San Francisco. Marty and Elena were driving back to Arnold, CA on Monday morning.

When we got back to the coach Adam left with the car to go pick up Meghan at the airport. She had some delays in Detroit and then again in Phoenix, but arrived only about an hour later than her scheduled time.

While Adam was gone to the airport, I decided to take one last picture of our lights and Christmas decorations.
It was great to see Meghan again. We had a short after-Christmas Christmas and then turned in.

As this holiday celebration comes to a close, we need to rest up for New Years!

Hope you are having a good week. Thanks for viewing today.

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  1. Nice blog, Randy. I've never tried an In 'n Out Burger, but I'll definitely be giving it a try on this trip.