Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Westward Ho!

We rented a 16' truck with a trailer for Kelly's household goods. After hitching it up and parking it in the driveway, we spent about 2 hours loading it. They great news is that it all fit! We were a bit concerned but there was even room to spare.
Another first was loading up Kelly's car onto the trailer. As she pulled it forward it seemed like she was going to go off the front end... but it turned out fine. It was thumbs up and they were on their way. Texas here we come!
After they left, I worked on the garage and on the yard some (after Adam mowed it!) then went over to Gil's for a BBQ. He had a very nice array of food for Al, Letisha, Jane and I. It was a beautiful afternoon. Letisha is an running buddy who is moving to Charlotte, NC and it was a good excuse to get together and say goodbye.While they were en route to Texas the next day, I stayed home and had the heating guys come out and finish up the last item on the Home Inspection Checklist. A faulty electronic air filtering system was repaired. After walkthough on Thursday, we should be ready for closing on Friday.Pam and Kelly left about 1:30 Sunday which was about 1/2 hour ahead of schedule. I thought they were going to drive for a couple of hours but they went about 360 miles (about 8 hours) the first day and stopped in Bristol TN.
On Monday they drove over 700 miles (12 hours) and stopped in Arkadelphia, AR. They left about 0830 Tuesday, drove the rest of the way (220 miles) to Fort Worth, then spent 3 hours unloading and putting things away in the storage unit. Whew! Pam and Kelly were pretty tired but have a couple of days to check things out in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. Then they fly back to Dulles for closing on the house (Friday) and Kelly's graduation on Saturday (Richmond).
Stay tuned!

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