Friday, May 29, 2009

Moving Out and Moving In

We are getting into more of a routine and can be a little more regular with our updates to the Roadrunner Chronicles.
As you can imagine, things have been a 'non-normal' (is that a word?) in our transition.

Tuesday afternoon we drove from Fort Monroe/Hampton VA to Fairfax. Our friends Jeff and Tiffany kept our dog Ed while we were away getting the RV. Tiffany and their four kids enjoyed checking out the RV. And we got to meet some Tiffany's neighbors and give a tour.Then it was over to the old house. Driving it through the neighborhood and getting it parked was fine. Fine except for the mailbox that I 'nudged' when I backed it up (oops). Good thing the ground was soggy after a couple of days of rain. It was a quick repair. A couple of long screws and lag bolts and it was as good as new.

While Pam and Kelly were cleaning up the house for the last time, I mowed the lawn for the last time. I worked on a golf course in high school so never have minded mowing the lawn. I get a sense of accomplishment, have time to reflect--I just like it. (I'm not saying I will miss it however...)
Ed was doing what he does best: chilling out on the cooler concrete garage floor.
We had a chance to go up the street to see Roxanne and Pete for a few minutes before we headed out to the campground. They have been great friends and neighbors. We are going to miss them.
And we saw the old truck parked in its new home.We emptied everything out of the house. Wow--lot of good memories there. We have never lived anywhere for 14 years.
Here is campsite for the next 10 days. The Lake Fairfax Park campground is a nice area with good scenery, and a little overpriced for the accommodations. But this is the Washington DC area so we are used to it.
Pam set up the dishwashing area last nite and I dried them later. Meanwhile, Kelly was checking out the captain's chair/driver side. She has been a big help in getting out of the house and setting up the RV.
More goodbyes: Roger and I have been meeting regularly for the last couple of years. We got to be friends after we both took the same discipleship training course at MBC. He is the President, CEO of Trinicor Technologies.
Along the way, I want to add some value by listing some good ideas when I come across them or think of them. Hope they are useful:

Roadrunner Reminders (or Lessons Learned, Tips etc): (mainly to myself)
  • Organization - It is already clear to me that we are in a continuous state of more effectively organizing our space. All of it (basement storage, drawer, cupboards --everything)
  • 2 is better than 1 - I am so thankful Pam and I get to do this. She explains how things work to me, I help with those times of: 'it is overwhelming...are we going to be able to fit everything in there?' Plus I dry dishes :>)
  • Enjoy the moment - relax, drive slower, 'it will all work out', take stock and be thankful. Not everyone gets to do this. We have live here 14 years and never seen this beautiful area.
That's all for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.
We are blessed

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  1. Pam...I too have a dish dryer. Aren't you glad Tiffin thought to include one with the motorhomes! LOL

    Hugs and looking forward to seeing you guys soon.