Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spatial estimates - bin storage

One of our tasks in the next three weeks is to move our clothes and belongings from the house into the RV. While we were in Virginia Beach last Sunday, I took some notes on the dimensions of the Allegro Bus closets, cupboards and 'basement' storage areas.
We already put away our desk, library and office supplies into bins. Bookcases, filing cabinets and drawers full of stuff have been reduced to a few see-through plastic boxes.
Now the hard part of finding homes for the clothes. We are cleaning out our bedroom closets and taking clothes out of drawers.

Somehow the stuff we have put into bins and storage containers will have to fit into the RV. Doesn't seem like 400 sq ft is all that much. Probably because it isn't. (I am thinking, "there ain't no way" so to speak).

But that is today's task - to put it all into bins and see what we have and how it compares with the sketches and notes I took.
And then probably make more trips to the Salvation Army in the next few days. And next Saturday is our 'Final Liquidation Garage Sale'. (We are starting to get the hang of these things.)

But before that, we'll be off to South Dakota to become residents of that great state. Look for our next post from Sioux Falls.


  1. It's not what you can put into that 40', it is oh my gosh, I can't believe you can lose stuff in 40'. LOL

    Believe me, you will find you can put everything you need and some things you just think you need. We clean out and sort about every 3 months.


  2. I'm loving these photos! I thought it was so fun to try to fit everything we wanted to keep into the RV. I measured and bought plastic bins for weeks. In fact, I'm still doing it! Turns out that wherever you thinks things will fit or should go, you'll probably change your mind every couple of years.

    Have fun with it :-)