Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More moving & our new toad & saying so long

Sunday afternoon Adam got the word his room in the house down in Wash DC was open. We rented a U-Haul and went to work. We moved all of his things into it and found a way to get them all into his place.Monday Kelly packed up and joined some friends for their trip to Ireland for 10 days. After we dropped them off at Dulles we drove to Rockville MD and purchased our towable vehicle (toad) a 2009 Honda CRV.
Then Tuesday we heard the condo in Chesapeake had closed so that was a relief.
On Wednesday Pam cleaned up the Tacoma and we sold it to Pete and Roxanne. It was a great truck and was in great shape. Although Pam noticed the crack in the windshield....WHAT?... yep...first time we saw it. ----But we will get that fixed and it will be good as new. Interesting timing though. I am glad it showed up this week and not next week.
Meanwhile we are making the rounds and saying good bye-
At the Wednesday morning men's group I attend:
With Rudy at our bi-weekly IHOP breakfast
At a luncheon with our MITRE Project Management Team
As you can see it has been busy. But it is an exciting time! Next blog --the long anticipated purchase of our 40' Tiffin Allegro Bus!

Stay tuned.

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