Sunday, May 10, 2009

Golf, Dinner, Garage Sale, Moving Prep

Friday I got to play some golf with friends from work. We participated in a 'scramble' charity event. Those kinds of tournaments are a lot of fun because you take the best of everyone's shot. We came in second place (out of 15 teams).
Later that evening we joined our friends for dinner: Pam, Duy & Lan, Min & Jean, Anh & David. Lan put on a feast--the Spring Rolls and fried rice were exceptional!
The 'good byes' have begun...
Saturday was back to the task at hand: our FINAL EVERYTHING MUST GO moving sale. This is the last three garage sales we have had over the last couple of months. The weather was great and we picked up over $250 so it was a good day.
Next: moving. Our house is emptying out while we have things in place to be loaded onto the Budget Rental truck. Our garage and living room are the current staging areas. Later this morning we will pick up the truck and get it loaded up so Pam and Kelly can head west. They hope to get going by mid afternoon so we will see it it works out that way.
These are exciting days! (Have I said that lately?)
It is critical that we keep a calendar and have a pencil nearby. We are keeping track of flights (return from Fort Worth) and other items:
  • warranty inspection repairs (heater),
  • graduation (Kelly's at VCU),
  • cleaning the house for the final 'walk through inspection',
  • closing on the house,
  • closing on the condo,
  • purchasing the RV, getting RV insurance quotes,
  • choosing the insurance,
  • staying at our first campsite with the RV,
  • moving the rest of our stuff from the house to the RV,
  • selling the truck,
  • buying the towable
  • etc
  • etc
In the midst of a very busy time, it is important to remember to enjoy the whole process. It can get stressful and a bit overwhelming, but these are special times and and we are on the verge of living our dream and we are very very grateful.

More to come...stay tuned


  1. Randy and Pam...

    Sounds like you have a real plan. You are right...keep that pencil handy and make sure it has a good eraser!

    Safe travels for Pam and Kelly.


  2. Just remember that your journey has already begun. You started living the dream the day you decided it was actually your reality. I hope you'll enjoy the next phase as you head out onto the blue highways.
    See ya down the road.