Friday, May 15, 2009

Closings & Satellites

Friday I drove to Virginia Beach to close on the condo on Monday. I met Christine at her law office to complete the paperwork. It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive so I left early in order to make the 10 o'clock signing.
While I was in the area, I wanted to go by and talk with Ryan Gaboriault at Mobile Satellite Technologies. He is a sales engineer and knows a lot about how to get a Motosat Datastorm set up for the RV.
At a price tag of $5000+ we are not convinced we need something (a G-74 or G-75)that can allow us to get both internet and satellite TV on the same system. I am thinking Direct TV with my DomeGuard will work fine along with my broadband EDVO card on my laptop for internet connectivity.
But I am not sure. The more robust system is allow connectivity when dry camping / boondocking

While Ryan was explaining all this to me we spoke with Kirk Williams, the Director of Sales. He filled me in on the government clients who come to them --- FBI, Homeland Security, Fairfax County Fire Department etc. More to follow on this choice. I am leaning toward something more than an EDVO card but less costly than the whole satellite set up.Meanwhile, while I was on my way back from VA Beach, the new buyers did a walk-through of the house.
Late this morning, Pam and Kelly returned from Fort Worth but both paid a price. They pretty well spent and feeling under the weather. I put them to bed and headed off with Jeff (our realtor) to close on the house. Here is a group shot of the team that put it all together.
Big smiles all around for that one!

Now we are renters. The new owners were gracious enough to let us rent back a few days so we can purchase the RV and get set up. We will vacate in two weeks on the 29th.


  1. Exciting! Sounds like things are progressing. We looked at satellite systems for internet too. Upfront was so expensive and even then the monthly fees weren't going to recoup anything eventually either. Verizon's best data plan for North America (we need Canada too) was twice as much as what we ended up going with. Autonet Mobile - - $400 up front for the 3G / wifi router from US Auto Club - - (and there might still be a $100 rebate after that if you activate by May 31st I think... I can send you the form if you want); $59 for 5GB data per month; US and Canada; 3G / EVDO / or 1xRTT if 3G isn't available. I just bought a 12v plug from Walmart and wired it myself. I also bought this - - at Camping World to plug into AC while stopped. So far it has worked great in the US and Canada. Even while driving, we've had full connectivity. Just one option you might not have considered yet.

    All the best!

  2. Sounds like a good possibility. Sure - send me the form. I appreciate it.