Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graduation Day

Congratulations out there to all the 2009 graduates!
And especially to our favorite: Kelly!
After two years at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design.We arrived about 1230 and they had a delay so I took some extra photos of Adam to amuse myself.
There were about 300 graduates in the Fine Arts Department so it took a while for our girl take here turn to walk across the stage.
I was able to get a group shot of the other seven members of her graduating class.
Kelly looked a little disappointed (but not really) to find out that the rolled up paper they handed her was not really her diploma.
It was nice to get a shot in front of the colors (flags).
We got a group shot after she picked up her diploma. Then we headed to Stick Rice to celebrate with some good food.Only one thing missing: Pam. She was under the weather and MIA.
We took her in to the doctor on Friday night and he prescribed some antibiotics and bed rest. She is recuperating but was not quite at the 50% mark yesterday morning.
By evening she was feeling a little better but still down for the count. Today she looks more like her self but it will still take a few more days.

Also: be on the lookout for the launch of 'The Roadrunner Chronicles'...12 days...

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