Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tires and Taxes

We will be leaving East Fork Park (Army Corps of Engineers recreation campground, east of Dallas) tomorrow so we are getting ready. Yesterday I attached a tire different adapter to my air compressor so I could finish filling my Roadrunner (RV) tires. The next thing was to plug in my Pressure Pro tire pressure monitoring system and check the readouts. It all worked like a champ! We feel much more comfortable knowing we can see when/if we have a problem with the tires. A blowout on this 38,000 lb rig would not be good. If a tire starts to loose pressure the Pressure Pro will give me quick notice things are not as they should be.

Posey and John are in a nearby campsite so we visited for a few minutes. They have been to South Texas often in their 10+ years of full-timing and Posey let us borrow some booklets and brochures. We are heading to that area tomorrow and now have some more good info on campgrounds and a local area map.

Next, we went to find the nearest H&R Block tax preparation office. It was about 8 miles away. We wanted some help with the latest correspondence we received from the IRS. We owned a house in Fairfax, VA. We also were part owners in our daughter's condo in Chesapeake, VA.

In tax year 2007, the IRS had a question on how much the mortgage interest and real estate taxes we paid. In order to reconstruct the situation I needed Form 1098 for both properties. We located one but not the other. We had to call the mortgage company to obtain the information which will take 10-15 business days.
Then we called the IRS and asked them to make sure we understood their issue and asked them to make a note of what we were doing to remedy the problem. Bottom line is that it looks like the IRS will be getting another check.

The good news is that since H&R Block did our forms that year and we had 'Peace of Mind' coverage, they may pay the amount we owe. Once we met with the tax advisor (Mike), he asked that we get a copy of or 2007 tax return and all supporting paperwork. We returned to the Roadrunner and located the documents and sat down with Mike again.

Our tax question will be re-visited once we get the other 1098 from the mortgage company. That will take a few weeks. We will be back in this area for Thanksgiving next month.

Later, we had dinner at the Roadrunner with Kelly (and Ed her dog). We watched another disappointing game of the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. (How messed up is that situation where the owner takes the play calling away from the head coach and brings in a 'consultant'? And a quarterback who is playing awful?)

And that was our Monday - thanks for viewing. If you haven't left a comment in a while on the blog, feel free to do so :)


  1. Seems you can never win with the "revenuers" Randy. Sure hope you don't end up getting dinged for this.

  2. Oh the IRS.... Doesn't it just give you chills recieving stuff from them... Good luck on all of that mess. Have fun on your travels into Texas...

    Travel Safe

  3. Bad, bad word..ugh...IRS!! So I guess this means RVers have to carrier a few recent tax years paperwork along with us?? For us...I guess we would contact the accountant who has filed taxes for us since 2003. If and when we sell our property here in Washington....we will probably go with using H&R Block. Good luck resolving whatever issues IRS has!!