Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday at the RV-Dreams Rally

Brr- the wind blew hard over night and the weather turned colder. I woke up about 4:15 (53 degrees) with the awnings flapping over the slide outs. I had to go outside and make sure everything was ok. I saw a guy across the way doing the same thing.

It was another day of seminars and good information at the RV-Dreams Rally in Kerrville, TX. The agenda included such topics as:
  • No Right Way to Full-time -Evaluating the Options
  • Buying an RV - Pros, Cons & Must Haves
  • Packing Your RV your RV For Extended & Full-time Travel
In the afternoon we had a couple of folks talk about some items for sale.

Pat and Mike McFall sell Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitoring System. I have been thinking about getting that for a long time. It is the leading product in that category.

A sensor attaches to every tire on the RV and the toad (our Honda CRV, our towable or 'toad'). You program what readings should be reflected in each tire and it alarms if a tire reading is below 12% of what it should be.I went by Pat and Mike's rig and purchased a system that will be installed later today. Though it was a bit pricey ($735) it will give us more piece of mind as the Roadrunner travels down the road.

Donna and Ron sell BBQ grills called "Disk-It". They are very attractive and the food Donna cooked in the demo looked great! Ron even showed how to cook some popcorn.The legs have a number of decorative designs and it reminded me of cooking with a wok with propane. It looked very interesting. The legs can be dissassembled and set up takes about 6 minutes. It was priced under $400.

After the demos, we went back to the Roadrunner and watched some of the President's Cup golf tournament on TV.

Dinner in the red barn was a pot luck and those are always dangerous for me. I tend to overeat at those things. I almost ate too much again but stopped myself in time.

The best part of the evening was joining Charles and Ethel Henry for dinner. They are a very gracious couple from Jacksonville, FL. They have been RVers for 11 years and were a wealth of information. Plus they are just nice people.
After dinner Howard tried his first stint of "RV Humor with Howard". He had some good YouTube clips and some jokes. I had no idea Desi and Lucy did some shows about RVs in the 1950s.That wrapped another day in the life of the Roadrunner Chronicles. Thanks for letting us share it with you.


  1. Thanks for the update and all the pics, Randy.

  2. I'm really enjoying your updates too....and pictures! Thanks for sharing with us who couldn't be there!!

  3. Glad you are having so much fun and learning alot. Enjoy.

  4. I enjoyed helping you put the PressurePro System
    on your rig.....You will get a lot of comfort using it.....