Thursday, October 15, 2009

They Got it Wrong Before They Got it Right!

We spent a comfortable and safe night in the WalMart parking lot. The tow truck was supposed to be there around 10:00AM.The tow truck showed up about 11:10. It had to drive from Fort Worth which was about 55 miles away. Yikes!
As he approached the truck seemed to look a lot like the one the COULD NOT tow us yesterday. After a brief conversation, the driver confirmed it and headed back to Fort Worth.I called CoachNet again and we started over. About 90 minutes they called back to say they located a bigger tow truck with air suspension, a Low Boy and/or a wheel lift system. Sounds good but we'll see...Meanwhile, I called Duncan Freightliner in Waco to see if they were going to be able to get to us today. Thought I would set expectations. I also wanted to confirm we could stay in the lot over night as CoachNet told us. Uh oh... no can do???

I called CoachNet and they spoke with the same Service Manager I did. The Service manager told them the tow truck could drop us outside the gate and they would move us into the yard first thing in the morning.

Not acceptable! Have you ever been to the outskirts of Waco? Not the safest looking place I have seen.
I wanted to speak with a CoachNet Manager. We were now into 20+ hours of waiting to be towed to the 'nearest qualified Freightliner service' which was in the opposite direction we are headed.

I told him after two attempts and now this new information I wanted no part of Duncan Freightiner. I was civil but we went at it for a bit. He said the cost to tow to Dallas would cost me the difference. What? After all CoachNet has NOT done right?? Where is the SERVICE in Customer Service. He said he'd call Dallas Freightliner.

I expected another round with him after he called Dallas Freightliner to say that it would cost us $$ yada yada yada.

To my surprise CoachNet said were were scheduled at Dallas Freightliner, no cost to me. Hallelujah! I have no idea what changed his mind. Now we were gettting some where...

This right equipment showed up they Dale and Kelly took their time to get things hooked up correctly. They took out the bolts securing the driveshaft, secured front wheels and tied up the mud flap.Then we followed them and the Roadrunner to Dallas.
Dale (the driver) and Kelly called us after we got on the road and said to give them a quick call if we saw any thing that did not look right.

We pulled into the three-month old facility without incident. The security guard checked us in and we talked to the Service Manager. We are on the schedule when they open up at 8:00 AM.We thanked Dale and Kelly for their attention to detail and the careful handling of the Roadrunner, then plugged the coach into 50 amp service.

Then we headed to Kelly's place. Ed checked out his new digs. Kelly prepared dinner for us and we had a very nice evening.We got to meet her roomates, Shea, Meesh and two other friends, Amanda and Becca (hope I spelled that night.)Her place is about 10 miles from Dallas Freightliner. We returned to the Roadrunner and called it a day.

We are grateful for being here. More tomorrow on what they find out about the sick engine. We'll keep you posted. (I am also on Twitter at RandyWarner.)

Thanks for checking in. Hope to see you next time on the Roadrunner Chronicles. The journey continues...


  1. Been there, done that, not fun, especially when you watch the tow truck haul your house off down the road.

    Glad you guys are safe and getting things taken care of. We will be looking for the updates.

    See you soon.

  2. Randy we experienced the same problem about five years ago where we had two different wreckers sent out by coachnet to tow our Dutch Star with independent front suspensionus to a RV park. The second had the lift kit for the front tires just like you had after the third trip. One thing we experienced though was the wrecker driver who disconnected our drive shaft did not reinstall it properly. We learned after we had a service guy come out to figure out why we had so much vibration when driving over 50 mph that the drive shat has phasing or something like that where must be duplicated when reinstalled. Sorry you had the problems but it looks like you have everything under control now/

  3. Randy and Pam...hope all is well and that they can fix your home...without to much $$$. This is not the fun part of Fulltiming but it is a part that we all have to go through from time to time. Keep us all updated

  4. Keep up the postings, but I ain't gonna be twittering you any time soon. I do have a life. Want to hear the final bottom line in real $$$, since we have always dinked around about getting a class A, but it's always nice to know we can go to a Ford dealer for our issues. Hmmmmmm. "HEY" to Ed and to Pam. "Retail Therapy", now Pam I never thought those would be words coming out of your mouth. We're in Roswell visiting with some Aliens we know.