Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lazy Boys, Computer Repairs and Friends

We had a number of things to do yesterday. The first of which was decide what to do with my sick laptop. I tried to install Windows Vista Service Pack 2(SP2) a couple of days ago and it didn't like it. It gave me a number of rude and displays including those shown below. I ran some diagnostics and it said, "can not automatically repair itself'". Hmmm,
That sounds expensive. I called the Dell technical support line and he confirmed my fears. I have some options but not what I was hoping. At times like this, I think I may not have factored enough into the computer budget.

My immediate concern was whether or not I was going to loose recent data. I have backed up my data a time or two in the last few months, just not recently.
Next, I found a local computer shop (Quick Response Technologies) in Wylie, TX, and Bill was able to back up my data (I think). I will confirm that later this morning.
Rick, a friend and fellow blogger, (Rick & Paulette's Travels) offered some other ideas, so I will give them a try. If that doesn't work I may have to wipe my hard drive and re-image it. I hope not. We will see.

After we dropped off the computer, we went to a LazyBoy furniture store to learn about recliners. We want to replace a sofa in the Roadrunner with two recliners. When we first started looking at Tiffin Phaetons many months ago, we knew we wanted recliners instead of two sofas.

I called the Tiffin factory and they can remove a sofa and install recliners during our appointment in December. But they seemed to be quite expensive. We found a model we liked for about $700. Much better than the $1300 Tiffin factory price tag.
It is 32 inches wide and the top half (back) can be removed, so getting it into the Roadrunner would be no problem. It goes into place with some locking fasteners. It couldn't be easier. We will have a sofa removed in December during our appointment and will be all set for the new ones.

The big event of the day was seeing Brent and Betty. We were both stationed at Hickam AFB, Hawaii, in the early 1980's. Our kids were little guys back then so it was fun they could see Kelly and that she could join us. We stopped by the DART station and picked her up for the short trip out to Frisco, TX.
Betty fixed chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. For dessert we have our choice of coconut cream or chocolate cream pie (or both). It was really a terrific meal and a good time together.
It was great to see them again and to catch up after all these years. Betty is retired and Brent is still loving his job at Richardson Community College where he is an administrator and special assistant to the vice president.

They attend Stonebriar Community Church which is Chuck Swindoll's church, who is one of our favorite radio preachers and a Christian author. We may go there on Sunday.

One of the great things about this lifestyle is being able to see old friends whom we otherwise would never have the chance to see. I think I may have said that before, but it is still true!

We got back to our Corps of Engineer park campsite after 10:00. Yikes! We did it again. We missed the curfew and the gate was locked. Not a problem though, we are only about 300 yards from the front gate where we left the car. (In June, we had to walk over a mile to our COE campsite at Benbrook Lake when we missed curfew...).

That about it and thanks for viewing this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. Those Lazy-Boy recliners sure look comfortable. Replacing our hide-a-bed sofa with 2 recliners is on our wish list as well. Hope the tech guys are able to get your computer going without too much hassle. Sure would be interested in finding out what the actual problem was.

  2. Hard to believe at our age we still have curfews. haha At least we don't get punished except for walking back to our home. However, the exercise doesn't hurt. Safe Travels

    Rollie and Gina Thurston

  3. Hey, that recliner looks just like the one we have. Works great.