Monday, October 26, 2009


Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX is the home church of pastor Chuck Swindoll. He is an outstanding Bible teacher and communicator. He is heard on his daily radio program, "Insight for Living".
He has been the pastor at Stonebriar for 11 years. Pam and I have listened to him on the radio for 30 years and have gotten some of his tapes and books.

We met our friends Brent and Betty at Stonebriar. Since we were early, we got our seats and saw that Chuck was talking with some folk in the congregation. To our delight we were able to go over and introduce ourselves.
He is very personable and was interested in our RV lifestyle and asked 'what is the best and worst things' about full-timing? We get that question often.

Twenty minutes later the service started and he spoke about 'Finishing Well'. Many people in life start well, and continue and maintain well but...don't finish well. It was a timely message for us.

We want to finish well. Part of living that out is to find our niche, our calling. We are doing that with our work in volunteering and helping with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and NOMADs.What I like best about Bible teachers is when they are able to take scripture and make it practical and relevant. He did that--and gave us plenty to think about.

After the message we went over to their house with Janet, a long time friend. We had chili and some great fellowship. We saw their beautiful home again and Brent showed off his ceramic Hungarian grille.
Our time passed much too quickly but we did our best to catch up after all these years. They have two children, Jeff and Michelyn, and are raising their two grandkids who are now in high school. We left and promised to get together for a game of Mexican train next time we are nearby.

We went over to Kelly's and helped with her headboard project. We used some wood I previously cut for a ledge/lip type of fastener on the wall. We leveled it and it worked well.
Meanwhile, Kelly put on some padding with her staple gun, then mounted some flowers. It looked great. More flowers to follow. She was happy with the outcome and will finish it up in coming days. Look for the final result on her blog: PunchInTheFace Design.

The weather was kicking up and we made it back to the Roadrunner in time for a full fledged thunderstorm. Lightning flashing across the lake was beautiful but we prefer those calm evening sunsets.

We watched the Yankees finish off the Angels to advance to the World Series on Wednesday. By then we will be on the road toward Mercedes, TX. We will be spending time there so we can go across the border to Progresso, Mexico where we have dental appointments.

Then it will be on to join fellow NOMADS Joe and Frances Kossman in Galveston for a Revolving Team Project (RTP). We will be there from Saturday Oct 31 leaving Nov 11 for Livingston TX and the Escapees Bootcamp.


  1. Sounds like a great day with family & friends.... The headboard came out beautifully!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. What a great day you had and such an opportunity to visit in such a great church. Safe travels...sorry we didn't get to catch up with you this trip. Maybe we can get together while you are in town for Thanksgiving. Well, that is if we don't get stuck in Red Bay for too long!

  3. I like you enjoy a sermon that relates to our lives today. Frisco is just south of our son's home in Prosper Texas. What RV park are you staying at?

  4. What fun you are having....tried writing you a note on your FB page, but the page froze and have no idea if you will get it. We shall live vicariously through your travels, OK? We're jealous!!!!! luv ya ` dick and julie