Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Buckhorn Lake Resort

We are very impressed with Buckhorn Lake Resort. It is located near Kerrville, Texas in the Hill Country. This part of Texas is beautiful.
We are able to stay here for the RV-Dreams rally price of $30/night. Our site is 1st class: full hookups, two water spigots and level concrete pads.
We arrived at the resort a day before many others so we could play in the golf tournament. We had seven golfers signed up and had a fun time at the Scott Schreiner Muncipal Golf Course.Pam and I enjoyed our time except for a few holes. She commented later that my play on hole number 12 reminded her of the tv commercial and "Shankopotamus". Yep-- I had three in a row and held some folks up as I waded through the high grass and weeds around the green for a bit...

When we returned from the golf course, we met John and Carol who were here for the rally.
They are from Indiana and regular Roadrunner Chronicles readers. It was nice of them to stop by and spend some time with us. They are planning on full-timing after their house sells which they will be putting on the market the first of next year.

It was a beautiful evening and we grilled some pork cutlets outside for dinner.
Later, we went over to Guadalupe River RV Park in Kerrville to see Walt Chapman. He hired a lot of us high school kids for part time jobs back in the 1970's. While we were in Santa Fe last week I got to see his two sons, Mike and Billy, who are big supporters of the local Habitat for Humanity effort there and run Chapman Homes along with their sister Beverly.

It was great to see everyone in the last two weeks. After we left the campground seeing Walt, we saw this beautful sunset.That concludes another posting of the Roadrunner Chronicles. See you next time!

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  1. Good to see Ed outside. Need more pics. of Ed. "Hello" Ed.